Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside and Tips for Fixing It

Every home appliance will have some problems from time to time. There is a reason why all appliances require regular maintenance, at least once a year if not seasonal. The chances of your air conditioner leaking water inside will be almost nonexistent if you are proactive with servicing and maintenance. But there are odd cases where old air conditioners have unpredictable problems. Even new air conditioners can leak water so you need to be cautious.

Let us begin with a caveat. Air conditioner leaking water inside is a common problem but it doesn’t happen to every unit or in everyone’s home. Let us explore why your air conditioner is leaking water inside and simultaneously we would check out the appropriate remedies.

Condensation in Unit

The source of the leak is condensation in the unit. Air conditioners have dehumidifiers which extract the moisture from the room and you would find the water dripping out of the pipe connected with the unit but channeled outside the home. In some properties, the pipe is guided to the nearest water outlet and the dripping water is allowed to flow down a sink or drain. As this moisture is extracted out, allowed to flow through the ducts or the pipe, there is always a chance of condensation and that will pave the way for the air conditioner leaking water inside. This condensation doesn’t cause naturally. There are many problems that can cause this, which are the root causes of air conditioner leaking water inside.

Broken Pump

A broken pump could be the cause. The condenser pan in air conditioners sold today has a pump. It is responsible for extracting excess water and draining it out. When the condenser pan has more water than it should have, it is the job of the pump to solve the problem. But it may fail and not drawn out the excess water, which will obviously lead to a leak. It is not so common for the condenser to fail and in any case, it has a substantial warranty. However, the condenser can fail and that can also cause the problem or worsen it. You should begin by checking the power supply since any fluctuation in voltage or limited power supply will render the appliance inefficient. Look for wiring issues or if the system requires more wattage than what your home wiring is configured for. These are rare instances but possibilities. You may want to get an expert to check the pump and repair or replace it if deemed necessary.

Poor Installation

Poor installation can be the cause of air conditioner leaking water inside. The pumps and condensers in old units may be worn out and one can understand why they will facilitate leaks. New appliances should not have such issues. But poor installation can easily facilitate leaks. Air conditioners that are not leveled, when there is an increased pressure facilitating water pooling, malfunctioning vents blocking cool air and causing excessive condensations and poorly fitted valves can cause leaks. Check the leveling, the vents, the valves and other aspects of the installation.

Clogged Pipe

A clogged or blocked drain pipe will cause leaks. Check if the drain hole is blocked by something. It could be dust or debris, dirt or dead flies and insects. You should clean the drain pipe from time to time. Seasonal or annual servicing can take care of this. You should ideally choose a frequency of maintenance depending on your use.

Temperature Setting

Air conditioners are meant to cool the air inside a room. It is not capable of heating the air inside or allowing the cold air to pass through it and getting heated in some way. That is what an HVAC can do. So if you are setting a temperature for your air conditioner that is equal or higher than the temperature outside, then you are bound to have condensation issues. This is not a common problem but many people erringly set a temperature that doesn’t really fit the weather outside. Colder temperatures outside will immediately lead to condensation inside the system and it will start to leak.

Poor Valves or Loosened Seals

As with most appliances, poorly installed valves or loosened seals will cause several problems, one of which is a leak. There are seals in an air conditioner that are supposed to insulate the system. The seals primarily prevent air leaks. If a seal or two malfunctions and is perhaps worn out to do its job, then you will have air leaking through the unit. The fluctuating temperatures inside will not only affect the efficiency of the system but also lead to condensation and hence you will have your air conditioner leaking water inside. Check the seals and make sure they are failsafe. You may have to replace the seals if they are damaged or worn out.

Do not attempt to repair an air conditioner leaking water inside unless you are very well accustomed to the unit and the various remedies.

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