Amana Front Load Washer Troubleshooting

Amana front load water troubleshooting is simple when you know the error codes, what they mean and what possible remedies you can opt for. Knowing the error codes, the corresponding problems and the recommended solutions will not be of help always as there can be complications. For that you would have to hire technicians. But most problems will be solvable if you are a hands-on user.

Code ‘dc’
The code ‘dc’ means there is unbalanced load in the washer and that is preventing it from spinning. You should just readjust the load so it is evenly distributed across cycles.

Code ‘dL’
Code ‘dL’ means the washer is running despite the door being unlocked. Turn the power off, restart the cycle and the error code must go away on its own. Else, you can call in a technician.

Code ‘dS’
Code ‘dS’ means the door is open while the washing is in operation. Try closing the door with a little more effort and it should be fine. Else, call in the service guys.

Code ‘FL’
Code ‘FL’ implies the door has not been locked or that the washer has not been able to lock the door for some reason. The same solution as above, for code ‘dS’, applies for this error as well.

Code ‘Hn’
Error ‘Hn’ means there is a problem with the water heater and perhaps the control is not working. You should call the technicians.

Code ‘LE’
Error code ‘LE’ means the water level is not appropriate or as much as need despite the washer trying to fill the requisite volume. Call the technicians.

Code ‘LO’
Error code ‘LO’ means the door will not or cannot be unlocked. The O will look like a 0 in the code. Ensure the door is closed properly and locked. Turn off the power and restart the washer. The code should not show up again. Else, call the technician.

Code ‘E3’
Error code ‘E3’ implies the motor is not functioning properly. Try restarting the cycle. Use the cycle selector to restart. The code may persist or reappear and that would call for a professional intervention.

Code ‘nd’
Error code ‘nd’ means there is a problem with the draining. Cleaning the drain valve, ensuring there are no blockages and checking the valves if they are alright should solve this problem.

Code ‘nF’
Error code ‘nF’ implies the washer has not been filled enough. Check the washer valve, the water inflow and if there are any obstructions in the rim or somewhere in the drive assembly preventing the fill. Look for kinked hoses and open the faucets completely.

Code ‘Sn’
Error code ‘Sn’ implies there is a problem with the control. Call a technician.

Code ‘PF’
Error code ‘PF’ indicates loss of power or electricity while the washer was in operation. Just restart the cycle.

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