Amana Ice Maker Troubleshooting

If you suddenly find your ice maker not working, do not despair. Repairing an ice maker can usually be done yourself with a little assistance. Today, we will help you troubleshoot a few possible issues and hopefully find the culprit.

Ice Maker Not Making Ice

This is probably the most common issue that arises when an ice maker fails. When this happens the very first thing you want to check is the release arm that allows the ice to drop. When the collection drawer fills with ice this arm will lock in the upright position, to avoid an overproduction of ice. Occasionally, this arm can accidentally get pushed into the locked position. If this is the case, simply push it back down towards the machine and the mold should begin to fill with water shortly.

If the release arm isn’t the issue, next you will want to check the waterline. If you can hear the motor come on and attempt to fill the mold with water, but water does not come it is most likely a water line issue. Check the line on the back of the refrigerator to make sure it is not pinched preventing water flow. If there are no kinks, check to see if the line is frozen. This can be melted with a fan or hairdryer.

Ice Maker Continually Makes Ice

Again, the first thing you will want to do is check the release arm. Make sure it will lock into the upright position and is not faulty. Sometimes it will be necessary to remove the ice maker and clean it thoroughly. If the two steps do not work you will most likely have to replace the entire unit.

Ice Maker Freezes Up

When this happens, the refrigerator will need to be unplugged and allowed to thaw. Remove all ice from the ice maker and mold. Thaw water tube with the hairdryer for faster melting time. Once it is thoroughly thawed, the unit should immediately start to make ice again.

Ice Maker Not Ejecting Ice

Normally, when the ice maker will not dump the ice it is due to failure of the motor assembly. These can be purchased online for relatively cheap. You can try to remove the unit and clean it thoroughly to make sure there is not an ice cube lodged somewhere preventing the mold to empty.

Having an appliance not in working order can be a major inconvenience. These steps will have you on your way to troubleshooting issues with your Amana ice maker.

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