Amana Washing Machine Troubleshooting

When a major appliance, such as your washing machine stops working, it can be a major inconvenience. Before you call the repairman, we have some troubleshooting tips that may save you precious time and money.

Failure to Start

One common problem with Amana top-loading washers is the failure to start. There are a few reasons why this may happen that do not require repair. Check these first:

• Blown breaker or fuse.
• Machine lid is not closed properly.
• Make sure the timer knob is pulled out rather than pushed in.
• Make sure the timer knob is properly aligned on preferred cycle.
• Make sure machine is plugged in correct 3-prong plug for proper voltage.

If the items above do not fix the problem, it still may be a relatively easy fix that you can handle yourself. Parts such as the lid latch, control panel, knobs or start switch may need to be replaced. Usually, you can visually tell upon inspection if these parts are faulty.

Failure to Spin

If your washer fails to spin, it can leave you panicking with the drum full of water and clothes. First, you will want to make sure the lid is properly closed, as your washer will not spin when it’s open. If it is shut, check the lid switch assembly for failure, this will also prevent spinning.

If you happened to smell a burning smell or saw smoke coming from under the machine when attempting to spin, you most likely need to replace the drive belt or pulley. To check this, you must drain the water and remove clothing to inspect under the washer.

Slow to Fill with Water

If you notice your Amana washing machine taking an extremely long time to fill, there could be a few causes. First, you should unhook the hoses and make sure the water pressure is adequate at the faucet. While you have the hoses disconnected, check the screen filters in the connector for any debris that may block water flow. If this all appears okay, you should replace the water inlet valve.

Making a Loud Noise

The most frequent reason your washer may make a loud banging nose is the drum being unbalanced due to improper loading of the clothes. Open the lid and make sure the clothes are evenly proportioned around the drum. If this does not work the tub bearing could need replacing.

While having trouble with a washer can be quite stressful, oftentimes you can fix these yourself; avoiding costly repairs or replacement.

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