American Standard Dual Flush Toilet Troubleshooting

Toilet Repair
America standard dual flush toilet has at least half a dozen common issues. They will be relatively rare and even infrequent when you have a new toilet. As it ages and depending on how much you use the flush, how well you maintain and keep the toilet serviced, you may have the common problems emerge sooner or later.You may have the half flush or the full flush closing immediately after you release the lever. The bowl may not clear out despite the water level being completely over or half way to the oval opening and the half flush or full flush working perfectly. There could be problems with the fill valve leading to ghost flushing. The lever of the tank may not return to its normal or original position after you have used it. The lever may get stuck in flushed down or upward position instead of being horizontal. Here is a brief but helpful American standard dual flush toilet troubleshooting guide.

Low Water Level

If the flush, full or half, closes just after you have pressed and released the lever of the tank, then you need to check the water level. You should set the level a tad higher than it is. You may want to replace the flush system if it doesn’t allow you to have water level halfway over the oval windows. You should check the adjustment dials and have them at their maximum setting. To maintain a property half flush, test the system with two to four pieces of toilet paper. Place them inside the bowl and use the flush. If the papers are got rid of then you need to lower the green dial by one setting.

Keep lowering the green dial by one number till the flush is unable to cleanse the papers from the bowl upon one flush. This is the ideal half flush. If the papers are not got rid of in the first flush, then turn up the blue dial by a number every time the papers get flushed out till you get the lowest setting for the papers to remain in the bowl to get the least half-flush that is necessary.

Hose or Tube Replacement Needed

Problems with water level and related flushing can be attended to by checking the rubber hose or refill tube, the overflow pipe, and the roller camp. You may have to adjust this roller camp to allow the full flow through the refill tube. You should check the rolling pin. It should be at ‘8’ to have optimum flow. Here again, you can use the green dial to adjust the flash settings.

Water leaks are mostly from worn out or malfunctioning valves. Check the valves, replace them if needed and you may have to replace the flush system if it is beyond repair.

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