Atwood Hot Water Heater Troubleshooting

Atwood hot water heater is one of the better investments you would make but the appliance can have some issues from time to time. In this Atwood hot water heater troubleshooting guide we shall talk about some of the common problems and what their causes are. The guide will also highlight the solutions that will work almost every time. Exceptional cases and complicated problems will require the intervention of a technician, preferably an Atwood specialist.

You May Find Some Spark But No Gas In Your Hot Water Heater.

The exact cause could be gas pressure. Incorrect gas pressure and low voltage blocked main burner tube, blocked main burner orifice, loose wires, loose wire connections on solenoid valve, loose circuit board wiring or harness, a defective ECO, defective circuit board, defective solenoid valve or a dirty connector on the circuit board could be some of the causes. No gas supply to the solenoid valve could also be a cause.

Depending on the diagnosis and the cause you infer, you could set the inlet pressure at the recommended setting and correct the power supply adhering to the minimum voltage requirement. You should consider cleaning the burner tube, the orifice, and the edge connector or you would have to replace them if they are faulty and beyond cleaning or servicing. All loose wires or harnesses must be secured, from the wires connecting the solenoid valve to the harness or the wiring on the circuit board.

You May Have Gas And Spark But The Hot Water Heater May Not Work.

This can happen due to power issues, low gas pressure, and low voltage. It could also happen due to poor electrical grounding. Dirty electrodes, misaligned electrodes, and faulty electrodes could be the cause. Partially obstructed main burner or the main burner orifice, misaligned main burner and a defective circuit board could also cause the same problem.

The solenoid valve may be damaged or faulty or there could be a partially opening valve. You should ensure adequate power supply, voltage and gas pressure, you should ensure electrical grounding and keep the electrodes, main burner, and the orifice clean. All blockages must be got rid of. You should also ensure perfect alignment of all the components. Should the circuit board and solenoid valve be beyond repair and cleaning, replace them.

Insufficient Or Excessive Heating Is An Issue.

You should check the bypass kit valves, the thermostat setting and the thermostat itself. The setting can be easily attended to but the valves have to be replaced if faulty and a malfunctioning thermostat should also be replaced.

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