Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Leaking: What to Do

The Badger 5 series of garbage disposal units from InSinkErator are a reliable and functional choice when you’re looking to save on costs. The line comes in three models each with a compact design allowing you to save space. But just like any other garbage disposal unit out there, you have to expect certain problems to pop up eventually. Being made of quality doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t run into any trouble.

One of the most common issues with disposal units is leaks. When you notice leaking from your unit, there are three usual places these happen: the sink flange, the bottom and the side.

How to Fix Leaks

When water is leaking at the bottom.
This is the scenario you definitely don’t want as it’s the worst of the three. Why is that the case? Well, the most common solution is to have the disposal unit replaced. That definitely puts a dent on your budget.

When water leaks from the bottom, especially near the reset button, the leak is usually in the metal plate located under the blades. This plate is put in place to protect the electrically powered parts of the motor from moisture. However, this plate is rather thin and can corrode when you use cleaners that are highly acidic. Since this plate cannot be repaired, you have to replace the entire unit.

Another cause is a busted seal inside the garbage disposal. While this can be remedied by fixing the area that is damaged, going for a replacement is still the best solution. Why is that? Internal seals wear out over time and even though you fixed one, the others are soon bound to suffer the same fate. So it’s best to change the entire thing when one ruptures.

When water is leaking from the side.
The likely culprit when this happens is the drain lines. Looking at your disposer, you’ll find two connections on the side. The smaller line is where the dishwasher drains into the unit while the larger is the drain out of the unit to the sewer. This problem is quite easy to fix as you can try tightening the metal clamp with a screwdriver to see if the leak stops. You can also try tightening the screws on the main line or replacing the rubber gasket.

However, when the leak is from the unit itself, the best course of action is to have it replaced.

When the leak is from the top.
The sink flange is the one causing all the problems if this is the case. The disposal is connected to the sink with a flange or plumber’s putty. This seal will corrode or loosen as time passes. But it can also leak if the disposal unit is hit quite hard that results in the seal loosening up.

The fix for this is quite simple: resealing the garbage disposal. You just need to remove the unit, remove the old putty and reseal.

Knowing how to fix certain issues with your disposal unit makes a whole lot of difference, especially when it comes to cost.

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