Badger Garbage Disposal Jammed

One insinkerator garbage disposal model is the Badger that comes in different horsepower levels. It is specifically designed for home applications and proven to be durable. However, like any other household appliance and device, maintenance is important to ensure it lasts longer. This is perhaps the most effective way to minimize problems in the future.

But should you encounter minor problems with your Badger garbage disposal, there are troubleshooting guides you can use. For issues like jammed disposal, here are some tips you will find helpful:

1. A Sign That Your Garbage Disposal Is Jammed Is a Humming Sound.
This noise can be heard when the Badger garbage disposal is turned on. First, you will need hex head drench tool to start working on your jammed Badger garbage disposal. If you don’t have one, head on to your local hardware store so you can start fixing your garbage disposal.

2. In Some Instances, What Happens Is a Sudden Stop Of The Motor While It Is In Operation.
The best thing to do is to turn off the garbage disposal and the running water. With the drench tool, insert it at the bottom of the garbage disposal. Crank the unit by moving the tool back and forth. You can now remove any object that had caused the problem. Resume disposal operation only after about five minutes. Also, press the reset button before doing so.

3. For Objects That Cannot Be Seen Even If You Use a Flashlight, You Will Need a Rod With a Magnet Attached To It.
Insert the tool into the grinder so metal and iron objects will attach to it and you can easily remove them. However, if a coin happens to be the culprit, magnet will not work. Instead, attach a duct tape with the sticky side outward to a pencil. Work your way into the garbage disposal and let the coin stick to the tape.

4. For Objects That Are Non-Metal But Are Small, One Trick You Can Do Is To Get Ice Cubes From Your Fridge And Load Them To Your Garbage Disposal.
Let running water flow and turn on the disposal. The ice cubes will keep the small objects within the grinder and grind them into pieces.

5. Another Way To Remove The Jam Is To Manually Spin The Grinding Mechanism To Cut Loose The Object Blocking It.
If you have a newer unit, you will be fortunate enough to have a drench tool with a hex head which you can use. With a mirror and a flashlight, check the bottom of the disposal. Once the mechanism is visible, rotate or move the mechanism with the hex head wrench that is appropriate in size.

6. If You Do Not Happen to Have a Hex Head Wrench Too, a Wooden Stick or a Broom Handle Can Come in Handy.
Loosen the mechanism by inserting the piece of wood or broom handle into the grinder and spin it. Do so in different directions up until the mechanism is working without problems. One thing to be cautious about though is to keep from using the wrench on the nut in the middle of the chamber. This will just aggravate the problem.

Garbage disposals often have tools for troubleshooting. With the above-mentioned tips, fixing a garbage disposal jam is possible.

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