Bathtub Faucet Leaking Hot Water: How to Repair It

A leaking hot water faucet in your bathtub not only drives you insane as it drips it will leave a stain on your bathtub. A stitch in time saves nine and fixing the hot water faucet will save you on your water bill too. The faucets installed in your bathtub are easy to replace and fix, and you can do it well on your own. It will save you on plumber fees, and you will gain experience from the whole process.

The leak in your hot water faucet could be as a result of a worn-out washer, gasket or seal. The steps below will guide you in the replacement of the leaking bathtub hot water faucet.

Disassemble the Faucet

• Shut off the hot water supply to your bathtub and disassemble the faucet. Start by opening the valves to drain the water already in the piping system. Pry off the faucet’s handle by inserting a thin blade of a knife.

• Remove the faucet’s handle screw, wiggle and pull out the handle of the faucet. Be careful not to break it if it is stuck. With a hairdryer heat the handle so that it can come off easily.

• Next, remove the stem by sliding the batch socket onto the stem bonnet and turn it anticlockwise to loosen the stem. Use a
sufficient amount of penetrating lubricant and unscrew the stem to remove it.

Have New Replacement Parts

• When going to get new replacement parts, make sure you have already disassembled the leaking faucet and take it with you to the hardware store or plumbing parts distributor in your area.

Replace the Stem Parts

• Unscrew the packing nut then twist the stem in a clockwise direction to remove it from the bonnet. Remove the old packing washer from the stem using a small flat-blade screwdriver.

• Apply the plumber’s grease on the stem threads and put the stem back into the bonnet.

• Remove the screw from the old seat washer and discard the seat washer. To the new seat washer, apply the plumber’s grease and reinstall it.

• Pull out the old bonnet washer, apply the plumber’s grease to the new bonnet washer and fit it in place. Apply a pipe joint compound to the bonnet threads and fix it into the hot water faucet’s body.

• Grease the splines in the handle then reinstall the escutcheon and the handle.
Sometimes, the water corrodes the valve and rust correct on the faucet. You will have to replace the whole hot water faucet.

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