Beko Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Beko dishwashers are widely renown as great, reliable dishwashers. Many reviews describe them as quiet yet effective dishwashers that offer their owners very little problems. In this day and age machines are getting better and better at a relentless pace. I’m sure eventually there will be dishwashers that wash your dishes and make them spotless in seconds. For now, however, the machines we have now still are susceptible to errors. If your Beko dishwasher is having problems, simply read on to see if there are any problems that you are experiencing here.

One of the great aspects of a Beko dishwasher is that it has a test cycle available if you want to troubleshoot to see if it has any problems. The test cycle runs small tests on all of the dishwasher’s functions and identifies a problem if it finds one.

Beko Dishwasher not Cleaning well

If your Beko dishwasher isn’t cleaning well, there may be a few reasons. One of the main problems could be that you aren’t putting enough detergent into the dishwasher, which means that the chemicals that actually clean the dishes aren’t getting to clean the dishes because there isn’t enough of them present inside the dishwasher. Another problem may be that you are filling the dishwasher with too many dishes. There is no reason to overfill the dishwasher because it means that all of those dishes are just getting a lower quality wash.

Machine Won’t Start

If the machine won’t start, first check the power source. Make sure that the power source is on and plugged in. Check the power in the house and if water is available as well. The dishwasher won’t work if there is no water available. Also, make sure that the machine door is closed. If it is open then all the water would just rush out so companies make sure that the machines won’t work unless the doors are shut.

Dishes are Getting Broken

If the dishes are breaking, then this is less the machine’s problem and more yours. This is more than likely because you are not loading the dishes properly. Make sure that you aren’t putting too many dishes inside at one time. If the baskets are full then this could cause dishes to break as well.

Water Remains After Cycle

If the filters are clogged and not clean, then it is likely that the water won’t be able to drain fully. Make sure that the drainage pipe and the drain filter isn’t clogged and that water can escape easily.

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