Boiler Gas Valve Troubleshooting

Gas valves nowadays have various applications and are also vital parts to boilers, where electronic ignition controls or printed circuit boards are responsible for valve control. Standing point gas valves are slightly different compared to the electronic ignition controlled ones, which in the case of troubleshooting, needs a slightly different kind of approach.

Seek Professional Assistance

In case, you decide to take a DIY approach, remember that it is always highly advisable to seek professional assistance. As the possible consequences of a wrongly “repaired” gas valve can be fatal, consider turning to a professional with complex issues. We also recommend replacing the valve instead of focusing on repairing separate components, to avoid any possible threats and damages.

Boiler Gas Valve with Electronic Ignition

In case you are dealing with a boiler equipped with an electronic ignition gas valve, first of all, check the board’s input and output. By this, you can follow the control sequence and identify the faulty sequence step. This sequence, in the case of an electronic control board, usually starts at a thermostat which is responsible for heating. Call for heat via the thermostat, and check the various safeties that can possibly block the output. These safety circuits usually include:

  • Draft pressure switches.
  • Draft hood limit switches.
  • Limit switches.
  • Other safety switches (opened by temperature or pressure, check the description of your device).

In case all safety is proven, your control board should be able to send opening signals to the main gas valve or light the intermittent pilot light (based on your boiler type).

The next step is proving the flame, which has to be detected by a flame sensor. In case there is a fault with the flame sensor, the cycle will restart. To avoid any major gas accumulation that could result in serious damage, once the flame cannot be proven the system will shut down for around 4 hours.

In case the flame is proven, the thermostat’s call for heat should be successful.

Standing Pilot Gas Valve

Compared to the methodology behind electronic ignition gas valves, there is only one difference with boilers that apply a standing pilot gas valve: there always has to be a pilot light on. Therefore, it is advisable to first check whether the pilot light is on.

If you are sure that the error does not come from a missing pilot light, follow the previously described methods (proving the safety circuits and the flame) to identify and solve your error.

In case you are still unsure of the underlying problem, call a professional, as working on such equipment can be hazardous.

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