Delta Faucet Leaking From Handle and What to Do

The repair needed to fix issues with Delta faucets should be dependent on the type of faucet. With tons of faucets on the market, slightly unique from each other, every single one might require different repair tactics. When it comes to Delta faucets, these are high quality products. But, just like any other faucet, some may have problems over time.

Familiarize with the Type of Repair Needed

In terms of providing repairs, some may require professional attention, while others are easy that even ordinary DIY people can handle. Nevertheless, it is important to become familiar of the basics when managing repairs. Thus, one might require the knowledge about the faucet itself and how this type of faucet have been attached to the plumbing system.

Leaks Under the Handle

With the different types of Delta faucets, it is important to note that each may require various steps to complete. So, with single-handle Delta faucets, common problems include leaks from under the handle. With this type of problem, the most common solution is to replace the ball assembly. This will require certain replacement parts, such as the ball assembly.

Basic Repair for Leaky Delta Faucets

Problems like this is a common household ailment that everyone should know about. But, it should be easy to fix if you have the basic tools with you. Such tools will include Allen wrench, pliers, replacement parts, screwdriver, and stem grease.

Steps in Repairing the Leaky Faucet

1. Turn Off Water Supply
Before you begin, it is very important to turn off the water supply from the main valve or just beneath the sink where the control valve is located.

2. Remove the Handle
You should remove the handle of the faucet which would require Allen wrench to do it. On the other hand, just a simple screwdriver will do. Some faucets also have caps that should cover the screw intended for visual purposes. This should be removed before you can see the screw.

3. Remove the Bonnet Nut
Try to remove the bonnet nut so that you can take out the stem if you want to have access to the seat and spring. This time, you have to use a pair of pliers in order to grasp the bonnet nut. Simply pull it up to remove but do it gently.

4. Remove the Seat and Spring
Use the screwdriver to pull out the set and spring. Simply replace the old pair in that same position. This will generally fix the leaking faucet, but you should also replace the stem to completely remedy the condition. You also need to apply some grease to the stem.

5. Check For Leaks
Before you replace the handle, try to check the faucet for leaks. You have to troubleshoot the cause when it is still leaking. Once the leaks are gone, you have to replace the handle.

6. Turn Water Supply Back On
After checking the installation for leaks, you can now reconnect the water supply. Make sure that no more leaks are observed before turning the water supply back.

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