Delta Shower Head Leaking and How to Fix It

Showerhead leaks should be costly when not properly monitored over time. There are more than one reason for this dilemma, but you should be able to fix this yourself. There is no need to call the plumber just yet. In fact, the solution could only be a lot simpler than you think. One of the most common culprits is the clogged showerhead holes. Here are simple steps to deal with shower head leaks.

1. Turn Off Water Supply

The most efficient way to handle this type of repair is to turn off the water supply going to the showerhead. This will ensure that you won’t waste too much water when performing this task.

2. Remove the Faceplate of the Shower Head

It is essential to remove the showerhead faceplate from the shower fixture. Begin by just unscrewing the faceplate only. Some shower fixtures have screws that you can twist to loosen the assembly. Other models require you to simply twist the faceplate without the screws.

3. Immerse the Shower Head or Faceplate in White Vinegar

Use a container or basin to dip the faceplate assembly into it. Make sure that you have mixed the vinegar solution before immersing the shower component in it for eight long hours. Basically, the purpose is to dissolve any mineral deposits or buildups from the water supply.

4. Remove Excess Deposits After Dipping in Vinegar

After the immersion, you can now notice the difference. Try to check if the major dirt and other deposits have been gone. You can use a toothpick or tiny nail to pick the holes of the showerhead. You will be able to notice that the major buildup of dirt has been eliminated so you can now scrub the faceplate clean with the use of a stiff plastic scrub.

5. Check for Leaks in the Shower Head After Cleaning

You can determine if the unclogging procedure had worked by checking the showerhead holes. You can now reattach the showerhead or the faceplate back onto the fixture. Then, after you have determined that the problem has subsided, you need to turn the water supply back on. If you think that this procedure has solved your dilemma, then you should be happy as you have solved it. Otherwise, you need to look for other reasons why your shower head keeps on leaking. For this reason, you have to try something else.

Worn Out Rubber Washer

Sometimes, the only culprit is the worn-out rubber washer inside the showerhead. Therefore, you only have to replace this material that you can purchase over at the hardware store. For Delta faucets, you need to visit the supplier for this problem to be resolved.

Damaged Diverter Valve

Other issues also involve worn out diverter valve. When this happens, you can just clean it up or you have to replace it depending on the situation. If it has malfunctioned, then surely it should be replaced with Delta parts to achieve the best results. Otherwise, the problem will still linger.

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