Electrolux Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Have you found yourself having mechanical issues with your Electrolux front load washing machine? Don’t panic and don’t call the repairman just yet. We have put together a list of common problems to help you troubleshoot your issues, which may help you save precious time and money.

Washer Doesn’t Spin

There are a few possible causes that will prevent your washing machine from spinning. First, you will want to check the door latch. If the door does not shut completely, or the latch is not engaged, the machine will not function properly. It could be as simple as not being properly closed, or the latch could be defective. You should be able to easily discover any damage, if the latch is faulty it must be replaced.

If the latch is properly working, next you will want to check the drive belt. If there is visible wear to the belt, or it is broken, you must replace it.

Washer Doesn’t Drain

If you are having problems with your washer draining, the first thing you should check is the drain hose. Inspect for any kinks or obstructions and replace if necessary.

If the hose isn’t causing your issue, check the drain system and drain pump. On occasion, small items such as socks, small pieces of clothing, or foreign objects may get lodged around the drain pump. Remove hoses from the pump and check closely for any obstructions.

If you find no blockages and drain pump is making noises when attempting to drain, the pump will need replacing.

Washer Is Making Loud Noise

One possible cause of your washer being noisy could be the drive belt. It is very common for the belts to become worn and cracked over time. Visually inspect the belt, if there is any wear, it is time to replace it.

If the drive pulley becomes worn or damaged it will also cause an annoying noise. It is pretty simple to remove. Once the pulley is out, inspect it for any physical damage and replace if needed.

If the noise seems to be coming from the rear drum it is probably worn out bearings. Installing new bearings can be extremely difficult. If you are unsure, this may be a time when it is best to call a professional.

Washer Doesn’t Start

If your washer will not start the cycle, first check your power source and make sure everything looks good there. This includes checking for tripped breakers.

If your power source doesn’t seem to be the culprit, you will need to check the main control board. Look for any burned wires or disconnected pieces. It is rare for the control panel to cause this issue, but it is possible.

Having a faulty appliance can be a real inconvenience. Quite often it is something minor that you fix on your own by troubleshooting the issue.

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