Emergency Plumbing Service 24/7/365

Rooter Guard is here to aid Van Nuys and all Los Angeles county residents from any emergency plumbing problem. Our emergency plumbing team adheres to the highest values to help you navigate through the fray.

Call Rooter Guard if you are experiencing a plumbing emergency (818) 650-4883.

With Rooter Guard, you will get an expert plumbing team that is here for you for any plumbing emergency.

  • We are available 24/7/365.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.
  • Affordable and honest plumbing services. You will never encounter any hidden fees.

We service residential homes, commercial, and industrial businesses with our 24/7/365 emergency plumbing solutions. Rest assured, Rooter Guard is the solution for any of your plumbing problems.


In Southern California, there are a million different issues that could lead to a plumbing emergency; however, Rooter Guard is the one-stop shop solution for any plumbing emergency. Whether it is sewage backup caused by invasive roots, a blockage that leads to a pipe burst, or a flood from a broken pipe, you can call us to be there for you.

Trust us. Everything is going to be okay. Our trusted technicians have the know-how and the state of the art equipment to diagnosis, remediate, and fix your emergency.

Flood Mitigation

A flood in Los Angeles can come from heavy rain or an accumulation of a more serious plumbing problem. Sometimes, you might not be entirely sure a flood occurred until it is too late. If you experience signs of water damage or you had a flood, call us.

The flood mitigation team at Rooter Guard can stop the flooding if it came from a pipe burst, remove the water, and overall decrease the splash damage that comes with lingering water. Rooter Guard uses sophisticated emergency plumbing tools such as electronic leak locator to fully understand how to fix the root of your emergency.

A job is only done when it is done right the first time. Call Rooter Guard today if you experienced flooding in Van Nuys or in Los Angeles county at large. (818) 572-9743 .

Sewage Removal and Drain Repair

Dealing with backup or raw sewage is not safe. Please, if you are experiencing a bout of sewage, call us immediately. The reasons for sewage backup could be due to root invasion, blockage, or pipe burst.

Root invasion occurs when the roots of a tree penetrate the plumbing lines underneath the earth. When the line gets breaches, this can cause sewage to upwell in your yard, or it could create a blockage that causes a backup in the home

Blockage and pipe burst are also likely to result in sewage flooding your home. It is always a good idea to never flush anything that isn’t safe for septic tanks or sewage lines. Regardless, anytime there is sewage issues, we are going to have to undergo repairs. Before repairs are made, sewage lines need to be identified, and sewage needs to be removed.

There are many more plumbing emergencies that may occur, so just give us a call for anything.

Rooter Guard is here for you. Call today (818) 650-4883.

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