Frigidaire Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Frigidaire washing machine would have the same typical problems that washers of other brands have over time. Adequate preventive maintenance should be able to avert most of these problems, at least in the first few years, but you will have some issues as the machine gets old. Let us explore a simple Frigidaire washing machine troubleshooting guide talking about the most common and pertinent problems.


One of the most common problems with a Frigidaire washing machine is with the belts. There are drive belts in these washing machines that can wear off over time. A worn-out belt will prevent spinning and efficient draining, there will be substantial noise and a burning smell may be exuded too. Two more common problems are with the lid switch and the possibility of water leaks. A lid switch can break and that will prevent the machine from spinning. There would be a tub full of water but the machine will not work. Water leaks are usually caused by malfunctioning pumps and damaged or loosened hoses.

You should be able to turn the basket using just your hand and no manual or automatic tool. If you cannot do this then you may need to call in a technician. It is possible that the spin tube’s chrome surface has worn out or there is some rust buildup. Both could be coexisting causes. There can be a damaged water seal or the upper spin bearing may have worn out as well. You need to consider replacing the water seal.


Pump problems are quite common in any washing machine and Frigidaire is no exception. You need to avoid overloading and you should always keep a check on the water level to avoid overstressing the pump. Pumps may have malfunctioning components such as the motor or the water level.

It is possible the whole pump has gone bad. There will be issues with the transmission pulley and log spring or the one way bearing as time passes. The transmission pulley may have a backed out set screw. This is easy to fix. LGS spring issues and problems with one-way bearing typically exist in older Frigidaire washing machines.

Additional Issues

Other common problems with Frigidaire washing machines are with the drive block, drive belt, idler pulley and transmission drive pulley. All these components have to be replaced. You cannot fix them or have them repaired by a technician.

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