Garbage Disposal Leaking from Top and How to Fix It

Garbage disposal leaks are common and can be complicated if you don’t really know the cause of the leak. You need to have a measured response and it starts with knowing what can possibly be wrong or go wrong with your garbage disposal. Garbage disposal leaking from the top can be due to worn out rings, clogging of multiple inlets, clogged outlets, damaged or debris-laden connections and failing seals. Let us explore the various causes of garbage disposal leaking from top and how you can fix them.

Start With the Sink Flange.

The sink flange is the uppermost portion of the unit. The sink flange is where the unit is connected to the drain of the sink. This sink flange can cause a leak if the mounting bolts are loosened for some reason. Usually, there are three mounting bolts and you should tighten them to see if the leak persists. If it doesn’t then you are sorted and if it does then you need to look beyond the mounting bolts.

Plumber’s putty that is used to retain the tightened mounting bolts in their place can also be worn out which will cause leaks. You can apply a new coat of plumber’s putty between the pipe and the sink flange. For this, you should first uninstall the mounting bolts or loosen them, apply the putty and then tighten the bolts again to hold them and the putty in their rightful place.

Dishwashers and Other Appliances Connected to the Garbage Disposal Unit Can also Cause Leaks.

Multiple inlets will always complicate matters. The hose connecting the dishwasher to the garbage disposal may not be well clamped. You need to check if the clamp is secured enough. If not, then you should tighten the clamp. If the hose is cracked, then you should replace it.

The Discharge Pipe May be Damaged, Clogged or Worn Out.

The discharge pipe is responsible for a smooth transition of waste through the garbage disposal to the sink drain. Once you are sure that the seal and sink flange are in perfect condition, look for wear & tear or signs of damage in the discharge pipe. If you have to replace the discharge pipe, also replace the retaining nut and the seal.

Old Garbage Disposal Systems are Vulnerable to Cracking.

It could be the interior shell or the exterior and the unit may get too stained or clogged and hence rendered inefficient. You need to consider replacing the garbage disposal unit if it is too old.

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