Hobart Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Hobart dishwasher has many generic problems and some specific to the models. Not that these dishwashers are unique or that their problems are any different from dishwashers made by other companies but the approach to troubleshooting is not always identical. Here is a comprehensive Hobart dishwasher troubleshooting guide that will shed light on common problems.

Machine Not Running

If the machine doesn’t start or doesn’t run then check the power source, you could have a tripped circuit break or the fuse has blown out. The water level in the tank could also be the power. Check the power in the socket and also check the plug. Do not use faulty extensions and don’t opt for any plugs or components that are not recommended by Hobart.

Dishes Still Dirty

If you are unhappy with the cleanliness of the dishes then you need to check the drainage. The dirty water needs to be drained completely. Clogged drain or any kind of blockage will prevent this and that will lead to dirty or unclean dishes. A damaged or worn out O-ring can prevent the drain from closing properly. Check the pressure of the water. There may be some obstruction in the pump.

Fluctuations in temperature or inaccurate water temperature may lead to unclean dishes, so can inappropriate choice of detergent and excessive deposits of minerals through the rinse system. You will have to get rid of the lime and in some cases call in the technician to replace a few worn-out components. Dishes may be unclean due to many reasons, from lack of maintenance to clogged strainers, obstructions in the wash arms, clogged detergent dispenser, excessive soiling on the dishes, poor loading technique and limited or lack of water supply.

Spots on Dishes

Most dishwashers would have a spotting problem, especially with glasses and silverware as well as with dishes. Poorly loaded racks, the inadequate temperature of rinse water, poor water pressure, hard water, excessive use of detergent or additive and sanitizer, excessive soiling and stains on the wares can cause spotting. One or more of these reasons may apply in any given scenario. You need to identify the exact problem and respond accordingly.

Error Code: EE

When you have the error code EE displayed on a Hobart dishwasher indicating there is a problem with the temperature of the rinse water, you must attend to the dirty line strainer, the remove strainer cap and clean them all to get rid of any blockage or clogging that you find. Check the water pressure of the supply line, look for mineral deposits and check the incoming water temperature.

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