Home Remedies for Clogged Sink

Whether it is in your kitchen, toilet or bathtub, a clogged drain will not just slow down your dirty water, but will even bring your entire day into a halt. Although there is an array of chemicals that you can use to clear your drain, there are also home remedies that can be as effective as these expensive solutions, sans the harsh ingredients that can damage your pipes. When faced with a clog in your drain, you can try these solutions that are already available at home:

1. Boiling Water

Mixed with a little salt, you can run hot water down the drain to break up the clog. You see, hot water can wash away any fresh build-up, allowing it to flow through the drain and pipes, prevent it to stick to their sides.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

A handful of baking soda, followed with hot water, acts as a great natural cleaner to your drains and helps remove odor. The same goes to vinegar, which is combined with baking soda to form a foam to be rinsed by boiling water.

3. Caustic Soda

Also known as sodium hydroxide, caustic soda can flush away causes of stoppage in a drain, with the help of hot water. When using it, add about 3 cups of it to cold water in a mop bucket, stir it well, allow to fizz and heat up, and pour the solution into the drain. Leave for at least 20 minutes, then flush it with boiling water. Remember to use some rubber gloves and eye protection, as it can cause burns.

4. Bent Wire Hanger

Take a regular wire coat hanger, straighten it out and then bend one of its ends over to create a small hook. Push it past the drain cover and use it to start fishing for debris, such as hair and other nasty stuff out of the drain. Remember that you should be pulling the gunk out, and not pushing it further. Run water to clear things up.

5. Plunger

When you have the right type of plunger, you can get the job done. If your sink does not have standing water, add some to give your plunger better suction.

6. Dish Detergent

Just a quarter cup of dish detergent flushed with boiling water can be enough to help get rid of clog in a toilet bowl. It will act as a lubricant that can help break up any greasy residue. You can also use a plunger or rub it wearing gloves depending on the severity of the dirt.

7. Wet and Dry Vacuum

This cleaning device can be a great tool to unclog your sink drain. Set it to be able to vacuum liquids, cover up its vent to prevent a mess, and then create a tight seal for your drain, and you are good to go. With the vacuum cleaner set to its highest setting, it can be powerful enough to draw the clog up the pipe.

You do not have to be an expert plumber to clear your drains of clogs. With the home remedies listed above, you will be able to work the problem out without the expensive tools, chemicals or services from plumbers.

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