Hot Tub Leaking and Tips for Fixing It

Since a hot tub has no dearth of openings, there is an array of possibilities why and where it may leak. Every jet in a hot tub could leak at some point in time. You would be unlucky if multiple jets leak at the same time. Not only the jets but the plumbing of the spa shell can also develop leaks. It is not uncommon for hot tub leaking to be more than just one point of leak. It is not rare for one jet to leak and then another to fail sooner than later. Here is a stepwise guide to help you diagnose the causes of hot tub leaking.

1. Turn Off Power Supply

The first step is to turn off the power supply to the tub. You should have the manual handy or you must be accustomed to the equipment compartment. You should get a flashlight before you get started. Once you have opened the equipment compartment, you must check the pump of the spa. The pump may be wet or damp. Look for the seals of the pump. If they are leaking, which is also why the pump would be damp or wet, then you must replace them with new ones. Make sure you opt for seals as approved or used by the manufacturer of the hot tub. If all the seals need to be replaced, then it is perhaps better to get a new pump.

2. Inspect Pipes and Fittings

Check the pipes and fittings connecting the pump and the heater of the spa. There is a pressure switch which should be checked for dampness. The fittings can easily develop leaks because of shipping jostles and also at the time of installation. Do not worry as you don’t need to buy a new hot tub. Tightening the fittings that are loose will be sufficient in preventing or remedying hot tub leaking.

3. Look for Leaks

It is possible that a specific pipe and its connectors are the source of the leak. You need to follow every pipe to the corresponding jet and look for dampness or wetness. The signs of hot tub leaking on the pipes connected to the jets should be unmistakable unless they are not the cause. You can also use any type of dark coloring that you use in some foods. The coloring will tend to go towards the leak, whichever jet that is, and will escape through it.

4. Damaged Shell

If the hot tub is leaking only when it is turned on and not when filled with water but turned off, then the problem is perhaps with the spa shell. You need to call in a plumber or the company you have bought the hot tub from.

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