Hotpoint Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Hotpoint is one of the most recognized and trusted brands among dishwasher manufacturers. While the dishwashers are durable, efficient and reliable, there can be issues from time to time. Some problems will be complicated and you would have to call in the technicians. In all likelihood, the issues would be too complex for an average user to resolve. However, there are minor issues that can be easily fixed. Unintended mistakes also lead to some problems and those can be easily checked and averted. Here is a comprehensive Hotpoint dishwasher troubleshooting guide you can use.

Dishwasher Not Filling Up

This is a common problem. You need to check the water taps or faucets to ensure they are turned on. You would need to reach to the back of the dishwasher and check the taps as well as the pipes. Partially turned on taps, squashed or kinked pipes can prevent the dishwasher from getting filled. At times, a Hotpoint dishwasher will not get filled because of improper or incomplete draining. Lack of draining can also be the cause. Then you should check the drainage plumbing. There may not be an issue with the taps or pipes preventing the filling. You can always reach out to Hotpoint customer service or technical support to get more help.

Dishwasher Not Emptying

Your Hotpoint dishwasher may not empty due to drainage problems. You should inspect the waste hose. Improperly installed waste hose can cause this problem. You should also check the waste system under the sink. The waste spigot may be the cause as well. Check the filter that is usually at the base of the appliance. The filter must be clean. Any blockage in the filter will prevent the dishwasher from draining, completely or to an extent. Kinked or trapped waste hose is often the cause. Attend to these components and you should overcome the problem.

Power Issues

Lack of electricity to a Hotpoint dishwasher will render the appliance useless. Unless there is no power, there is something wrong with the wiring or the specific socket in question and there can be an issue with the appliance itself. Test the socket with some other appliance or you can just use a tester and see if its light goes on. Once you are certain of the power reaching the socket, check the 13 amp plug and the lead. You should always use compatible plugs and leads as recommended by Hotpoint. You should have the recommended fuse as well. Do not use extensions and if you do then they should be ideal for the appliance as well. Check the start button or switch and see if the on and off position are okay. There could be many problems inside the dishwasher causing a lack of power. Call a technician if you cannot check the components yourself.

Dishes Not Getting Cleaned Properly

There are some dishwashing and utensils cleaning related problems you may face. You may find your cutlery becoming a tad rusty or brownish. This is common for pans and iron pots, especially made of cast iron. They tend to rust. This rust can then spread easily to other utensils and items being cleaned in the same tub of the dishwasher. It is best to not clean iron pans and pots in Hotpoint dishwasher.

Spotting of Glassware

You may find white or cloudy marks on the glassware and dishes after you have cleaned them using the Hotpoint dishwasher. This could happen due to calcium deposits. It is not a rare problem. You should always use the recommended tablets to clean glassware and dishes. Using any cleansing material other than the ones recommended may not get the shiny and stain free appearance you want your glassware and dishes to sport. You may also use dishwasher salt. This will enhance the cleansing impact and your dishwasher will be protected from the onslaught of stains.

Smell Lingering Inside Your Dishwasher

You may notice some smell in your Hotpoint dishwasher after a few wash cycles. This smell may not be pleasant at all. There is a simple remedy here. Run the dishwasher without any load in it and use the hot setting. Use detergent remover and lime remover before you initiate the empty wash cycle. The smell should be eliminated. Ideally, you should cleanse and maintain your dishwasher at least once every four weeks. The more frequently and the greater load you use for your dishwasher, the sooner you should clean it. It is obvious that your dishwasher will hold onto a myriad of smells over time.

Every Hotpoint dishwasher comes with a manual. Follow the instructions as shared in the booklet. Whenever your dishwasher breaks down or there is something severe, call in the technicians. Don’t risk misdiagnosis and wrong remedies. They could worsen the existing problem. Attend to issues as soon as you can so they can be easily resolved, that too affordably.

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