Hotpoint Washing Machine Troubleshooting

There is nothing more aggravating than to fill your washing machine only to find it won’t start, or worse, find that it is still full of water at the end of a cycle. Calling a repairman can be quite expensive. We have curated a list of common, easy-to-fix problems with Hotpoint washing machines. This will help you decide if a service call is required.

Washer is Leaking Water

The first thing you will want to check is the main plumbing coming into your home. If all seems okay there, check the fill hoses and drain hose for any visible leaks.

Occasionally, if the washer was not leveled properly during installation leaks may occur. This can easily be adjusted by the feet on the front of the washer.

Washer Will Not Spin

There could be a few possible causes why your washer won’t spin. Many times, it is due to the safety latch on the door. If it did not shut all the way and the latch did not engage, washer will not function properly. Try re-closing the lid to see if this helps.

Another common reason is the load becomes unbalanced and clothes need to be distributed evenly. Most models do have sensors that try to correct this and balance itself, but sometimes it must be done by hand.

Damage to the drive belt or pulleys will also prevent the machine from spinning. Inspect the belt and pulleys for visible wear, cracks or breaks. Replace if needed.

Washer Will Not Drain

If you are having trouble with your washer draining you should check the drain hose first, any kinks or blockage could prevent the tub from emptying properly.

Next, you will need to inspect your drain pump. It is not uncommon for small pieces of clothing, socks or other debris to get caught in the pump. Pump must be removed and checked for any blockages.

Common Error Codes

F01- Electronic circuit board failure. It is recommended to unplug from the power source, wait two minutes, then plug back in. Codes should clear, if not, may require a service call.
F02- Motor circuit failure
F03- Temperature sensor failure
F05- Drain blockage or pump issue
F06- Door lock failure
F07- Electronic circuit board or heating circuit failure
F08- Heater failure
F09- Software failure
F11- Pump circuit failure
F12- Electronic control failure
F16- Drum lock position sensor failure
F18- Internal data error

Don’t despair if you find your Hotpoint washing machine not working. Many times the issue can be solved with simple troubleshooting.

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