How to Attach a Pedestal Sink to the Wall

Plumbing can be fun if you know what you are doing. Dealing with plumbing installations shouldn’t be an easy task if you don’t have any basic understanding about it. Therefore, it is essential to learn a couple of steps or so regarding how to attach a pedestal sink to the wall.

Pedestal sinks, basically, come in sets of two, namely the sink itself and the pedestal or the stand. The sink will be mounted to a wall as it rests on the stand, while the plumbing will fit inside the pedestal securely attached to the floor. Here are some easy steps for you to take advantage of.

1. Turn Water Supply Off

It is essential to turn off any water supply whenever you engage in any plumbing job. After which, you need to release the pressure from the lines by opening the faucet or tap. Then, you should loosen some nuts in order to remove the drain pipes. Put a bucket below the pipes to catch excess water before disconnecting water lines from the valves.

2. Removing the Old Vanity

Try to cut the sealant located along the backsplash. If this is a separate piece from the sink top, then you can remove it. The removal of the vanity can be easier if it is secured to a wall. You just need to unscrew it from the wall.

3. Do Some Plumbing Repairs

This will be the perfect time to make some plumbing repairs, including the movement of drain and supply lines. Some pedestal sinks will require support boards behind the wall for added strength. So, try to check instructions set by the manufacturers regarding your sink.

4. Installing the Sink

  • Mark the height of the sink upon the wall where you want to put it.
  • In order to reveal the studs, try to cut out a portion of the wallboard.
  • You can notch the studs for the support board with the use of a jigsaw. The support board needs to be flushed with studs when you only have a drywall to cover. However, when you also have additional layers like a tile or bead board, you have to consider doing the support board flush against the drywall.
  • Then, you have to secure the board to the studs with screws.

5. Make Some Measurements

Ensure that you have made measurements by marking first the sink’s centerline on the floor and wall. Make a mark about ten inches from that wall with consideration of the baseboard. Then, you have to center the pedestal on that mark before setting the sink tightly against the wall.

Mark the anchor holes of the sink on the wall, while doing the hole of the pedestal on the floor. Then you can drill the holes by putting aside the pedestal stand and sink aside first. Thus, install the hanger bolts on the wall by leaving an inch extension from the wall.

Secure the pedestal with the washer and lag bolt to the floor but don’t overtighten it.

6. Attach the Components

Before setting the bowl of the sink, attach the drain and faucet first. Simply position the bowl on top of the hanger bolts, level and securely fasten it.

7. Turn Water Supply On

Reinstall the drain and turn on the water supply. Try to observe for some leaks then try to repeat the installation process if leaks occur.

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