How to Clean a Belfast Sink

There are many issues from households that concern about the condition of their Belfast sinks. Most of the time, they found that their sinks have been scratched a bit or looked dirty due to some tea or coffee stains. For this matter, it should require some cleaning up, but it should be hard to remove particularly when the first installation was kind of hard to remember anymore. So, here are some basic cleaning methods that you can follow if you want to do it on your own.

1. Use Denture Cleaner

For some people, using a denture cleaner might just do the trick. This is because this can have an impact on porcelain type components. Simply fill the sink with some water then throw in some tablets before leaving it overnight to soak. In the morning you can empty the sink then you can scrub it with smokers’ toothpaste.

2. Use Some Bleach

Putting in a dash of bleach might also work as many households rely on the power of bleach. Just fill in the sink a generous amount of boiling water then leave it for half an hour. Some amounts of soda might work as well but it might not be a practical choice.

3. Washing Powder

Sometimes, using some detergent washing powder will work on most porcelain sinks. Simply sprinkle on the dry powder on the surfaces and leave it for several minutes before scrubbing it off using a non-stick scourer. You only need to rinse it off with hot water together with some handwashing items like brush or woolen scourer to get the best results.

4. Use an Old Scouring Powder

There are lots of scouring powder, such as Barkeeper’s friend, that you can purchase at your nearest store. Ajax for instance is one of them. This can provide an unbelievable cleaning action. You only need to sprinkle it just like any powder materials out there. If you find areas that require much attention, try to pour in generous amounts. Leave that for a number of minutes to allow the cleaning effect of the powder to soak in.

Add a bit of hot water to the powder on the sink then scrub it until the stains begin to fade away. Repeat this process until your Belfast sink will begin to recover its luster with every scrub. Before rinsing all that with hot water, try to scrub the sink first especially on areas that require much attention.

Really dated Belfast sinks can naturally loose some shine over time. This can happen when households fail to maintain their kitchen sinks the way it should be. So, chances are that these parts of the house can deteriorate after a number of years of use. Before it will result to an expensive cleaning routine, always make sure to apply some care to your Belfast sinks.

There are some pretty reliable cleaning and caring methods that the manufacturers can provide on their packaging. So, you don’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with hard to remove stains, not to mention the amount of money that you need to spend for replacement or worse.

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