How to Clean Corian Sink Stains

Corian sinks are known for creating kitchens that have a seamless, modern, stylish look. But no matter how beautiful they may look, they will still end up dirty and stained just like any sink. The good news is there are plenty of tricks on how to easily remove any stains on a Corian sink. Depending on your cleaning preferences and the severity of the stains, here are some quick solutions.

Most Popular Methods

Based on the Dupont website, the best way to clean your Corian sink is by using warm soapy water or an ammonia-based household cleaner. Scrub this over the stain with an abrasive scouring pad, such as Scotch-Brite. However, that might not be enough for some tougher stains, particularly those caused by coffee, tea, vinegar, lemon juice, dyes, ketchup, and wine spills.

If that is the case, then the next most recommended cleaning method is to mix bleach and water (with 50-50 proportions). Pour the mixture on the stained areas and allow to sit for a few hours (16 hours is the maximum time you should leave any cleaning substance on your Corian sink). After soaking in the bleach and water, use a damp abrasive scouring pad to rub the stains. Rinse with warm water, then wipe your sink dry.

Eco-friendly Options

A greener alternative to bleach is to use hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) and baking soda. Mix these two to make a paste, apply the mixture on the stains in the sink, cover it with a dry rag, let it sit for a few hours, then rinse with warm water, and wipe dry.

Another alternative is to use baking soda and dish soap. First, make sure your Corian sink is wiped dry because the baking soda will dissolve on a wet sink. Sprinkle a little of the powder in the sink, pour a couple of drops of dish soap, then scrub with an abrasive scouring pad until the stains are fully removed. After that, give the sink a warm water rinse, and wipe dry. You can also add some salt to the baking soda if the stains are tougher to remove.

More Alternative Solutions

  • You can also try using Dupont’s Stone Care Deep Cleaner for Corian sinks for tougher stains.
  • For hard water scale build ups, use a standard household lime scale remover and a scouring pad. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • You can use cleaning products that have bleach included, such as Comet Cleaner with Bleach and Soft Scrub with Bleach.
  • Tea or coffee stains can also be removed using scrub powders with oxalic acid, such as Bar Keepers Friend or Zud.

Important Reminders

To restore and maintain the overall luster of your Corian sink, make sure to always thoroughly rinse it with warm water after applying any cleaning substance and to wipe it dry. You should then apply a mild cream abrasive cleaner with a damp cloth all over the surface (using circular motions) to retain the beauty and gloss of your sink.

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