How to Clean Corian Sinks

One popular brand for kitchen sinks and tops is the Corian manufacture by E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. It has hygienic properties that make it a popular choice where sanitation is of utmost importance, such as in hospitals and restaurants. It is also a favorite choice of homemakers because of its appearance and elegance. It comes in different colors and has surfaces that are heat and stain resistant.

It is also considered to be a cross between laminate and granite. Moreover, the installation cost of Corian is cheaper than quartz and granite installation. However, it requires a special method to clean Corian sinks. Different stains and dirt also can be cleaned in a variety of ways.

Cleaning Materials Needed:

  • Scrubbing Pad (non-scratch)
  • Formulated Cleaner Lime Remover
  • Gloves
  • Chlorine Bleach
  • Commercial Cleaner or Ammonia-based Cleaner
  • Sponge/Cloth
  • Commercial Scrubbing Product

1. It is important that a Corian sink and countertop be cleaned regularly with a sponge of cloth soaked in warm soapy water and wrung. Aside from this, an ammonia-based cleaner can also be used to wipe the surfaces.

2. If liquid spills over a white or light-colored Corian sink or countertop, it is important to wipe the liquid right away to prevent it from staining. Leaving it there to dry on its own can result to staining or blotch on the finish, which is usually matte or satin.

3. For hard water stains, you can use a cleaner that is intended to remove build ups such as lime that can be a result of hard water. After doing so, rinse the surface well with water and do not forget to wipe it dry thoroughly.

4. For disinfection of the sink and countertop, ensure that this is done on a regular period. There are instances where meat stains and other stains from raw food or meat can leave marks on the Corian sink. To solve this problem, make a cleaning solution by mixing 5 tablespoons of chlorine bleach with a gallon of water. It is also important to wear rubber gloves when you use this cleaning solution to wipe the sink and countertop. Place a stopper on the sink and pour the solution into the sink, filing at least two to three inches. Next, pour a part of the solution on the overflow opening. Let it stay for 15 minutes before wiping the sides of the sink as well as the bottom. Drain the solution and rinse it with water. It is important to remember to wipe it within 1 hours since the bleach can discolor the Corian sink.

5. Get the non-scratch scrubbing pad and the commercial cleaner and clean the residue from the Corian sink. Remember not to use the scrubbing pad so as not to damage the surface.

6. If the problem is a blotch spot or area in the sink, this can be solved with a wet cloth and a small dab of commercial scrubbing product. With the use of the wet cloth, wipe the stained area in a circular motion but from both directions, one after the other. Next, rinse it with water and get a dry cloth to wipe the water. The blotch should disappear by this time. If there is a blotch remaining, repeat the process but this time, add more pressure as you rub the surface.


Never use glass cleaners when cleaning Corian sinks and countertops because this can result to residue that can dull the surface.

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