How to Clear a Clogged Drain with Baking Soda

It is important to determine what type of clogs you are going to clear out. This is because using chemicals can be easier compared to tools, but there are certain limitations as not all chemicals can be applicable to every situation. Hence, it is essential to know what things may congest the drains.

Facing a Bathroom Clogged

For instance, if you are dealing with bathroom clogs, you should know what type of materials are capable of clogging it. Such would include soap residue or clumps of hair. Most of these items can clog the shower drains and the bathroom sinks. These are just a few of the many factors that can cause problems in your homes.

Another one is the clog that could bring hassles in the kitchen. Some of them are food particles, dirt and grease that could clog the sink. Perhaps this is a very common condition if you are not so careful when dealing with dirty dishes.

Clogged drains can also come from the main drain. So even the strongest type of chemical cannot dilute obstructions like tree roots or any accumulated materials from the inside drains in your very own home.

If you have determined the culprit as a simple clogging because of food particles or common dirt or grease, then it can be dealt by using one chemical in your cupboard. This can be done by using baking soda.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is not only a good cleaner but also a good way to remove odors. This type of chemical is even more environment-friendly than anything you can purchase at the store. Perhaps a little extra like the elbow grease or a plunger and then you are ready to hunt down these tough congestions.

1. First, you need to pour boiling water about one or two liters down the drain. This will melt or soften up any type of grease or food particles that are located at the pipes.

2. Drop that one-half cup of baking soda right after and allow to sit for a number of minutes. This will produce bubbles and create a passage way for air within the pipe.

3. After which, you need to pour in one cup each of boiling water and vinegar down after the baking soda has settled within. Try to keep the chemical reaction down below by covering the drain plug. It will be very effective if you let it stand for about five to ten minutes.

4. Follow it up with a liter of boiling water in order to make flush the remaining materials out of the system. This final push will rinse the bad stuff out of the drain and will release the remaining water and dirt on it.

The effect of baking soda and hot water is so effective because it can loosen up the sludge that might be hanging out down the bottom of the drain. By simply adding vinegar, the chemical reaction will loosen the congested materials and free up the drain while you wait.

Clearing the drain with the help of baking soda is not only a cost-efficient solution to clogged drains, but a very eco-friendly option as well.

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