How to Find Kohler Toilet Model Number

Repairing a toilet can be very challenging for any household. It can even be a lot stressful if you are not certain of the model if ever your toilet needs some replacement parts. The dilemma is that you can never fix a broken part if you do not know which components will match the one you need.

Well, it can be resolved if you are keen about specific details of components needed for fixing your toilet. Here are a few comprehensive points that you can do to figure out which Kohler toilet model number is the one at your possession. Accordingly, you can easily find the components for fixing it.

1. Searching at the Bottom for Kohler Toilet Model Number

If your toilet has a tank, try to remove it gently and put it on the floor. If possible, set the bottom to face in an upward position. The manufacturer’s number can be found on the bottom at the side of the lid of the water tank. It is commonly stamped or painted on the lid, but sometimes it can be handwritten if there was an instance that it has been replaced by the plumber.

2. Look Inside the Water Tank

If you have not found it at the bottom side of the tank, try locating it inside the tank itself. It is commonly located exactly on top the water line which can be painted or stamped. Some are situated below the water line and they are painted with waterproof material.

If you can hardly see the mark, use a flashlight to make it more visible. Most of the tank can be stained with hard water so it should be difficult to pinpoint the location without some light. Some stampings are also located at the tank bottom, so make sure you include that location in your search.

3. Use Some Cloth to Clean the Tank

Try to dry out the tank to provide ease in finding what you are looking for. When the tank is dry, use some cloth to wipe the inside of the tank. This will enable you to spread the dirt along the crevices or indentations exactly where the name or number is located. As a result, it can’t clean the tank but will allow you to pinpoint the location of the details you need to have.

4. Search Near the Toilet Seat

Most modern toilets such as those made by Kohler put their marks in between the toilet seats and the bolts. These are located on the bowl and near the toilet seat but not on the seat itself. The toilet seat might come from another manufacturer, so do not consider the one written here.

There are many toilet products that can confuse anybody when buying replacement parts. Well, it doesn’t have to be that stressful, since there are plenty of ways to search for the Kohler toilet model number of your toilet. If you still can’t locate what you are searching for, try to seek the assistance of a professional. Your plumber, for instance, might be more knowledgeable about certain details of your toilet than you do.

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