How to Fix a Clogged Garbage Disposal Drain

Despite the fact that you are careful enough not to get your garbage disposal drain from clogging, it still happens at some point. To address this issue, you need to do a few things in order to draw out those nasty clogs. Take note that most of your actions cause the clogs in the disposal. Such would include dropping of foreign object, putting in garbage rapidly, and failing to pour enough water when processing garbage.

The garbage disposal can’t entirely consume and digest everything that goes within. Few of these may include artichokes, avocado pits, chicken bones, and corncobs. Moreover, when cleaning, try not to use chemicals in the drain. Chemicals can damage plastic or rubber parts and can be highly corrosive. Instead, try to remember the following steps to solve your dilemma.

Steps to Unclogging Disposal Drains

1. Shut Down the Power Switch.
Locate the power switch which is normally found under the cabinet or a nearby wall. Otherwise, switch off the breaker or simply remove the fuse powering the disposal. This will enable you to work on the garbage disposal mechanism safely.

2. Check the Condition Inside the Disposal.
Look at the disposal and determine the cause of the problem. Perhaps you can see a huge object trapped inside which you can remove prior to make alternative methods.

3. Use Pliers to Remove Objects.
If you have located the culprit, remove the object from the disposal using a pair of pliers. This will keep you from getting your fingers stuck in the process.

4. Do Not Operate When Disposal is Hot.
You need to wait at least fifteen minutes for the disposal motor to cool down before operating. This will allow you to avoid getting burned.

5. Turn Back Power On and Resume Disposal Process.
Locate the power button to turn on the disposal. This is normally located at the bottom of the unit. If ever the unit is still clogged for other reasons, perhaps it is time to follow another step.

Alternative Ways to Fix Clogged Disposal Drains

1. Using a Long Dowel, Spoon or Broom Handle.
Secure an object to reach into the disposal drain, such as a broom handle, long dowel and a wooden spoon. Remember not to feed your fingers to avoid any mishaps even if the unit is turned off. Make sure to reach into the object that is causing the clog.

2. Free Up the Impeller.
Try to reach the impeller or the blades that grinds up garbage. Use the said tools in the first instruction and rock the unit back and forth to free up the clogging.

3. Wait a Few Minutes Before Resetting.
If your unit comes with an L-shaped wrench, try to power off and insert it into the bottom of the disposal. Try to turn the wrench in a back and forth motion to free up the impeller. Don’t forget to allow the motor to cool down first before pressing the reset button. After all that, you can test if the garbage disposal is freed of clogs or not. You can repeat the steps if needed.

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