How to Fix a Dual Flush Toilet

It is very important to save water especially when it comes to bathroom settings. One popular way of making it work is to install a dual flush toilet. It is designed to save almost a gallon of water each time the low flush option is used. The good thing about this setup is that it has a dual-action button or handle that will activate the valve for flushing either full or half tank, depending on the need.

However, there are moments that the toilet will have a running water problem. This can be caused by a misaligned or worn out seal that is located under the flush valve. It is formed like a canister at the center of the tank which can also be the reason in many single flush setups that kept on running on and on.

Other glitches are caused by a broken zip tie or debris in the fill valve, located at the left of the water intake in the form of a cylindrical mechanism. If you encounter a similar situation, you should fix it right away to avoid wasting too much water that could lead to excessive water bill. Here are a few fixes that you can apply.

Fixing Worn Out Seal

1. Shutting Down Water Supply.
It is important to turn the water supply off and flush the toilet afterwards to drain the remaining water in the toilet tank fill valve. You can also sponge out the remaining water by removing the lid.

2. Remove the Flush Valve Canister.
There are different ways to remove the flush valve canister, depending on the brand. Perhaps it is important to follow what the manufacturers suggest in order to get the best results. Most of the products may only require you to twist off the canister’s top and take out the overflow tube before loosening the U-bolt.

3. Cleaning the Rubber Seal.
Try to use a piece of cloth moistened with vinegar and put it on the center of the plastic piston. If you notice any deterioration or rotting, it is advisable to replace the seal with a new one. You can pull it out below the piston lip if available. After which, you need to use a clean cloth to dry the surface. You can then reattach the handle actuator and flush valve.

Removing the Debris from the Valve

1. Always turn off supply for water into the tank and then remove the lid.
2. Try to twist in a counterclockwise motion the fill valve and lift to remove it.
3. If you can notice any debris, try to remove using tweezers or toothbrush.
4. You can then recap the valve and turn the supply of water back on.

Fixing the Zip Tie that Was Broken

Most dual flush toilets come with zip ties which keep in place the overfill tube. This may break over time so you need to replace it when it breaks. Zip ties can be replaced or you can always add a second one to get rid of constant leaks. This can often result when the tube base constantly wobbles.

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