How to Fix a Leaky Moen Shower Faucet

Leaky faucets are among the most stressful conditions that can happen inside the house. If this is left unattended, it could sum up to a very costly result. If you own a house having this type of dilemma, it is best to look into the situation as soon as possible. Accordingly, faucets left dripping all day and night for the whole month will waste hundreds of gallons of water. You can avoid this from happening if you only know how to deal with leaky shower faucets properly.

Hiring a plumber can easily fix this issue in no time. However, if you want to save a few bucks for repairs, you can heed some tips that you can follow easily. Here are a few thoughts that you can ponder when faced with this type of problem.

The leaks can often be seen on the stem. This is the part that selects the temperature of water or controls the volume. However, the wear and tear happens inside the cartridge, so it is important to determine if it should be replaced or not.

Faucet cartridges are the most common culprits behind this stressful condition. Basically, the moving parts that compose these cartridge faucets such as the single-handle Moen are inside the slim cylindrical case. These parts can be replaced accordingly. Here are the steps that you can follow.

1. Retainer Clips

Try to pry out the retainer clip in order to remove the faucet cartridge. It is hidden behind or under the handle that you can remove using a screwdriver. When leaks occur to the unit, it is ideal to replace the cartridge right away.

2. The Handle

The handle can be used to remove and replace the cartridges that can be found on two-handle faucets. You can use a quarter to turn its slotted cartridge retainer.

3. Remove the O-Ring

Take note that an O-ring tension should be removed as it is connected to the cartridge. So you need a pair of pliers to lift the cartridge accordingly. It will be lifted out after taking apart the single-handle faucet.

4. Retainer Clips

Retainer clips are found in Moen products that hold the cartridges. Some of the faucets have designs that show the clip at the rear faucet just under the handle. So for these units, the handle needs to be removed first.

5. Check for the Tube

Try to lift the tube under the handle that might be hiding the retainer clip. Other models have a couple of retainer clips in which the second can be found at the handle. A long-nose pliers or small screwdriver can be used to pry out the retainer clip. Thus, you can now pull the cartridge out with pliers.

6. Installing the New Cartridge

Installing a new cartridge can be easy. Just try to look for the arrow or spot that is aimed up. Afterwards, you can reinstall the parts such as the clip, O-ring, and handle back to where you have removed them from.

Parts can vary depending on the model and brand. For a Moen shower faucet, you can order through licensed manufacturers. Instructions may come with the package, so fixing your leaky Moen shower faucet can be done in a breeze.

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