How to Fix a Stopped Up Sink

A stopped up sink is a usual plumbing issue that can be quite annoying and disruptive. With daily use, debris can slowly build up in your drain pipe and would eventually lead to a clog. Fortunately solving this problem is not a difficult task that you can do by yourself. Here are various ways to unclog a stopped up sink, from plunging to using the snake:


The first and easiest way to clearing a clogged sink is using a plunger, which is often an effective solution to clear a mild clog. The key to getting the best results from this common household tool is knowing how to use it correctly. When plunging, do it on both sides of the sink and make sure you have still water in the basin as this provides it its power. Though it might seem to be self-explanatory, it is still possible that you might use it incorrectly. So, make sure you know how to use it correctly, as it can clear many of the most common drain clogs at home.

Using a Drain Cleaner

If you often experience sink stoppages, it might be a good idea to use some mild drain cleaners on a regular basis. When you notice that your sink is draining slowly, this simple measure will help you prevent a complete clog, saving you time and frustration in the future. This household solution could be all you need to keep drain clogs at bay.

Removing the Trap

When you are faced with a more serious and stubborn clog that you cannot clear with a plunger and a drain cleaner, you should remove the sink trap. While the shape of this component serves an essential purpose for the function of the drain system, it can also easily become clogged with gunk and debris that are washed down the drain daily. Remove the trap to gain access to the clog, making it easy for you to remove. If there is no clog in the trap, you can inspect the surrounding pipes that sit before and after the trap to determine if the cause is found in these areas.

Using the Plumber’s Auger

When your sink clog cannot be cleared with the solutions mentioned above, you can use the plumber’s auger, otherwise known as the snake. While there are various snakes that you can choose from, the best option you can have for your problem is the medium drain snake. However, this tool is not efficient to own as it can be expensive and you would not often use it, not making the purchase worthwhile. Luckily, it can be rented can be rented by the day, the fee is mostly quite affordable.

Now, the next time you are faced with a stopped up sink, you can try these methods to solve the problem yourself. One, two or all of them should be enough to help you fix a stopped up sink. These are also just easy to perform, keeping you from using professional plumbing services that are usually expensive.

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