How to Fix Sink Disposal

There are instances when your sink garbage disposal unit will experience being clogged, jammed or leaking. This is just a normal thing in which some can break down entirely or just get stuck. The good thing is that you can handle this if you just know a couple of things about basic repair and installation.

Take note that there is a shredder inside the garbage disposer which breaks down food particles. An impeller arm and a plate will both force these foreign objects out of the drain. A dishwasher inlet can also be found inside so the drain water could run through the garbage disposal. This will allow the unit to consume huge particles before they are being drained away. So make sure that you turn off the unit by unplugging it from an electrical source before performing any repairs.

Here are some essential tips on how to fix sink disposal unit in the event of clogs, jams, and leaks.

1. Disable Electrical Source

Unplug the unit from the outlet or you can always turn it off directly from the circuit breaker. This will ensure that electrocution will be avoided.

2. Freeing the Impellers

At the bottom of the disposal unit, try to locate the hex-shaped hole with the use of a hex wrench. If possible, fit the hex wrench upon the hole and try to force it back and forth using both directions for some time to free the impellers.

3. No Hex Hole

If ever there is no hex hole or you can’t find a hex wrench, a short broom stick can be used to stick into the garbage disposer. Just make sure the power is turned off before doing this option. If possible, try to force it down against the blades and turn the impeller in a back and forth motion.

4. Clogged Disposal Unit

If there are things that shouldn’t have been there in the first place, you can easily pull out these materials with use of tongs or pliers. Most of the time, rubber, glass, and metal or food wastes can be stuck inside. So you need to use these tools instead of using your hands to unclog the device.

5. Remove the Sink Disposal

Sometimes, you need to remove the disposal unit in order to clear a certain jam. Although it may look so complicated to perform, it should be a lot easier that you thought. Simply follow the user’s manual of the product for proper execution of the procedures.

There are garbage disposal care tips that you can follow to avoid getting stuck at the most unexpected moments.

1. You need to use cold water when you grind food particles. Avoid using hot water as it will melt fatty foods that could get clogged along the pipes.

2. Don’t overfill the disposer.

3. Drain cleaners, bleach, and other chemicals will affect the performance of the unit.

4. If possible, try not to grind fibrous materials, coffee grounds, and bones or other materials like metal, glass or rubber for that matter.

5. Always run water before or after using the disposal.

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