How To Fix Toilet Flush Lever

One of the most common toilet problems is a broken flush lever yet it is also one of the easiest toilet problems to fix. The toilet flush lever is often located on the left side of the toilet tank. When you push the flush lever or handle, the chain that is connected to it lifts the flapper valve it is connected to on the other end and flushes the toilet. However, minor problems can happen in time.

Flush Levers

Flush levers usually have a long life span but over time, the nuts that secure them in place become loose. In other instances, the lever can fall apart from corrosion. The warning sign that the lever is broken is when it stops functioning properly and would not flush. However, replacing the flush lever is just one of the problems in the bathroom that you can do yourself. With an adjustable open-end wrench and the toilet lever kit you can get from the local hardware store, you can fix this minor toilet problem. You can also choose between plastic and brass. When you purchase the kit, ensure that it comes with the flush handle, tank lever and the tank lever nut. Here is a step-by-step guide to replace the toilet flush lever.

Step 1: Turn off the water shut valve and remove the lid of the toilet tank. Flush the toilet to drain the water by pulling the chain that is connected to the flapper.

Step 2: Remove the chain connected from the level and hook it on the overflow tube found at the center of the tank.

Step 3: With the adjustable open-end wrench, unscrew the tank lever nut by turning it counter-clockwise. Remember that the nut is reverse-threaded. This is to keep it from getting loose from frequency of use. Once it is loose, you can turn it with your hand and remove it easily.

Step 4: Once you have removed the tank lever nut, remove the lever handle from the toilet. Get the toilet lever replacement kit.

Step 5: Inspect the kit to ensure the shank is properly cut to sit properly in the toilet tank. Slide the handle into the lever hole.

Step 6: Align the bolt to ensure that it fits. Get the new lever nut and screw it to secure the lever. Turn the reverse-threaded nut until it is snuggly fitted on the shank.

Step 7: Get the adjustable open-end wrench screw the lever nut tight enough to secure it.

Step 8: Get the chain you have previously hooked on the overflow tube of the toilet and re-attach it to the toilet lever. Choose the hole in the chain that will allow a length long enough to flush the toilet as it is lifted over the flapper valve.

Step 9: Turn on the shut valve to fill the tank with water and try to flush it. This should have your toilet flush working.

Step 10: Once the repair is done and the toilet is flushing properly, replace the lid of the toilet tank.

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