How to Get Hard Water Stains Out of Toilet Bowl

One of the very challenging tasks to do at home is cleaning the toilet. Some households even seek the assistance of professionals to do the job for them. However, the secret to make this job as easy as possible is to perform some daily cleaning routines. This will ensure that hard to remove stains from the toilet bowl can be avoided.

Cleaning the toilet even gets more challenging with the presence of hard water stains that could build up on key areas of the bathroom. Such areas include sinks, toilets, showers and faucets. This can be addressed with the use of different cleaning products that can be purchased on the market. Alternatively, others utilize household chemicals as they are equally effective in removing unsightly stains from the toilet bowl.

1. Vinegar with Baking Soda

An effective combination of vinegar and baking soda will be effective enough to take out hard water stains from the toilet bowl.

  • This can be done by pouring one cup of vinegar first and try to apply it vigorously with a brush.
  • Leave it for nearly a minute before adding about a cup of baking soda.
  • Make it work by adding a couple cups of vinegar into it. Leave the combination to fizz for about ten minutes.
  • After that, ensure that the whole surface of the toilet bowl is included by scrubbing it with a toilet brush.
  • Before flushing the toilet, spend a couple of minutes to allow the solution to penetrate and try brush off the remaining stain if necessary.

2. Vinegar and Borax Combination

Borax is another excellent all-around cleaning agent that can be used to eliminate hard water stains from the toilet.

  • Measure out one-fourth cup of borax and try to scrub it around the bowl using a toilet brush.
  • You can then add a cup of vinegar and simply leave the mixture on the bowl for a matter of twenty minutes.
  • In conclusion, scrub the bowl to remove the stain using a toilet brush.

3. Try to Use Borax Paste

Some very stubborn water stains can be removed by applying borax paste onto it.

  • Begin by turning off water supply into the toilet tank. This will ensure that no water will cover the hard water stains on the toilet bowl when applying the solution.
  • Create a borax paste by mixing about half a cup of borax with vinegar that could form a sort of think paste.
  • Try to spread the solution on the stained water bowl to penetrate. This time, the borax will begin to harden. Just don’t try to add vinegar yet, only when you are ready.
  • Spend another fifteen to twenty minutes before scrubbing the stain and the paste off the bowl.
  • This time, try to use a bigger brush to scrub off the borax paste mixed with some elbow grease to soften the paste and the stains for easy removal.
  • Reconnect the water supply and begin flushing the remaining solution together with the stain.

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