How to Identify Delta Shower Faucets

Why should there a be need to identify a Delta shower faucet? Isn’t the Delta name branded on all the faucets, be it old or new models?

The importance of knowing how to identify a Delta shower faucet comes when you have to replace part of your faucet. You see, Delta shower faucets come in different models and each of those are distinct from each other through their features. So the unit you may have is an anti-scald system or a special handle. Knowing exactly what model you have with you helps you when it comes to replacing parts because you are equipped with what to look for.

Shower Faucet Identification

Identify the main features of the faucet.
This refers particularly to the handle shape, size and style of the unit. These are important features to note as Delta designs each model differently. In terms of handles, Delta has lever handles, single-round handles and double-handle shower faucets. Identifying the type of finish helps as well which can either be chrome of brushed metal. The material the handle is made of matters to and can either be clear plastic or metal.

Remove the handle.
Using an Allen wrench, remove the handle by unscrewing the set screw which can be located on the side of the handle or underneath a cap that is on top of the faucet handle. Gently pull off the faucet then look under to see the cartridge. Check whether there is a scald guard (this looks like a dial-shaped part that has a notched knob) or not.

Match the specific unit you have online.
This step involves you browsing through Delta’s site to find the exact unit that you have. Once you hit Delta’s home page, click on the Bath link.

A menu will appear listing all the bath products the company has. Select Bath Tub and Shower Faucets. This takes you to another page where you are going to select features in order to get a matching product. You are going to make selections for finish, type/characteristic, parts/components, smart features, price, decorating style and collection. You can also choose to include only new products or include discontinued products (these choices are available as checkboxes).

Of course, not all of these will apply to you and you should only tick boxes where applicable. For instance, you may not really know the price of your shower faucet (particularly if you purchased it years ago; this option is here for people who maybe want to buy a new shower faucet). You may not also know which collection your faucet belonged to but bonus points if you can recall.

After you’ve made all of your selections, click on View Matching Products.

Bring The Faucet To a Store.

When you aren’t too sure about the steps you’ve previously taken or just want to be accurate, you can go to a plumbing supply store or a hardware store to have a clerk help you out with identifying your Delta shower faucet.

Knowing what kind of Delta shower faucet you have is important when replacing a part. But if you’re completely stumped with identifying exactly what model you have, you can always take it to a plumbing supply store or hardware shop and ask for assistance.

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