How to Install a Bathroom Sink Drain

Most of the installation work in your home can be done easily, and by researching on the installation procedure, you can get it done in a few hours. Installing and connecting the drainpipe of your bathroom sink is easy and you can do it yourself. Lucky for you, no matter what type of sink you may have purchased, the installation process does not differ much. In this guide, we look at a practical installation process of a bathroom sink drain.

Tools You Will Need

For a fast and time-efficient installation process, you will need the following tools.

• Pipe Wrench or an adjustable spanner.
• PVC drainpipe kit.

How to Install the Drainpipe

Bathroom sink drainpipe installation is an easy process provided you stick to the following installation process to fit the drainpipe.

• Open the provided PVC drainpipe kit and ensure that all the items listed there are inside.
• Loosen the slip and coupling nuts from the old drainpipe and compare it against the new drainpipe to assess the diameter and the length and make the necessary adjustments then fit the new pipe to the attachments on the wall as well as to the base of the sink.
• With the pipe wrench or adjustable spanner, tighten the female adapter onto the drain stub on the wall.
• Slide in the slip nuts onto the drainpipe’s arm as well as the bathroom sink’s tailpiece ensuring to tighten the connection at the base of the sink with the pipe wrench.
• Fit the provided P-trap in place and use the plumbers’ tape to ensure there is an airtight connection on all the joints on the drain assembly.
• Place the provided washers on the pipe and ensure to stiffen them to avoid any leaks.
• Hand-tighten the slip nuts then proceed to connect the flexible water supply pipes onto the sink’s faucet tailpieces and connect them to the specific shut off valves.
• Use the adjustable spanner or the pipe wrench to tighten the coupling nuts.
• Remove the faucet’s aerator turn on the water and let it run.
• Check for leaks in the drainpipe assembly. If there are no leaks, tighten the joints with the pipe wrench. However, if you find any leaks, this means there are overwrapping threads at the joints, or you have not placed the washers correctly.


This is an easy installation process, and you as well watch YouTube videos on how to install the bathroom drain. If you are replacing a damaged drainpipe, ensure to buy one from the same manufacturer, or those that can fit into the opening at the base of the sink as well as the drain stub on the wall.

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