How to Install a Kitchen Sink Drain

Installing a kitchen sink drain is usually a straightforward task. Even if you don’t have a lot of DIY experience, keeping up with the steps and instructions involved in learning how to install a kitchen sink drain shouldn’t be too difficult.

You will want to begin by assembling all of your supplies.

Installing Your Kitchen Sink Drain

You’re going to start off by gathering the following:

• One ½-inch ABS drainage pipe
• One ½-inch ABS drainage pipe fittings
• ABS cement
• Plumber putty
• Kitchen sink drain inserts
• Hacksaw
• Safety glasses
• Measuring tape
• Pencil/marker

You’ll want to have the glasses on while working with the ABS cement and hacksaw. You will also want to keep in mind that ABS cement can cure within just a couple of seconds.

Next Step

Once you have gathered all of these things, you can get started by making sure the hot and cold water have been turned off. You don’t want these things to go off while you’re working:

• Prepare the work area by cleaning up the area under the sink bowl, in addition to making sure the hot/cold water has been cut off.
• Around your circumference of the hole in your sink bowl, begin applying a small beading of plumber putty.
• Disassemble your drain insert.
• The top half of your drain should be inserted into the hole of your sink bowl.
• In order to compress the plumber putty, push firmly down.
• Along the underside of your sink drain, you’re going to begin applying your rubber gasket, your cardboard ring, and your metal fastener.
• Next, begin removing your extra plumber putty from inside your sink bowl around your drain.

Part Two

• Begin to roughly install your drainage pipe, being careful not to glue any ABS pipes back on.
• Install your ABS towards kitchen drain attachments along ends of ABS drain pipes when necessary.
• Disassemble the current setup, and organize everything in the way you will install it later.
• Install your drainage pipe. Start from your drainage pipe that comes out of the wall or floor, and begin to glue your pipe piece by piece. Remember to read ABS cements/cautions before using anything.
• Prepare your brass drain attachment through the insertion of your pipe into your fastener. Have your plastic gasket laying inside your opening.
• Insert your brass pipe into your ABS pipe-metal sink/drain connector. Make sure to tighten the brass fitting on your sink drain.
• Finish gluing with the ABS drain pipes.
• Tighten your sink/drain attachment.
• Run your hot/cold water for five minutes to check for leaks.

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