How to Install a Neo Angle Shower

Installing an angle shower is said to be an efficient and practical solution when you want to have two or three showers, but you do not have the luxury of space to install more bathroom facilities.

Now, before you start anything in installing your neo angle shower, you should first make sure that you have a proper water supply and a working drain that leads to a drainage system. Once you have all the essential plumbing systems in place, you can now install your angle shower by taking the following steps—DIY way.

1. Securing the Needed Tools and Materials

Generally, the things that you will need for this project include the neo-angle shower and base, cement board, drain fitting, keyhole saw, jigsaw with carbide blade, stud finder, drill, mortar, filler strip, trowel, corrosion-resistant screws and pencil or other drywall marking tool.

2. Cutting the Cement Board

Using the jigsaw, you should cut the cement board in a way that it will have similar dimensions as the shower base. Also, make sure you cut a hole in the board corresponding to the drain hole in the shower base.

3. Marking the Drywall

Before you take any permanent step, place the cement board and the shower base in the desired position and mark them at the studs using a pencil. Once you have made the marks on the surrounding drywall, set the cement board and the shower base aside in an area where they will not be a hindrance when you proceed with your work.

4. Cutting the Drywall

Expose the studs behind your drywall using a keyhole saw, keeping in mind that it is not necessary to attach the shower base to the studs, though it needs to be installed against them. Also, before you complete this shower project, you need to install wall panels, which must be attached to the studs. It is not recommended to install these panels directly to the drywall, as it can cause unsightly and costly leaks around your shower sooner or later.

5. Positioning the Base

Position the cement board and the shower base to ensure that the latter is going to fit securely against the studs. You can use a filler strip to help achieve a tighter fit.

6. Securing the Base

Position the cement board and spread a layer of mortar over its top surface using the textured side of the trowel. By the time the mortar is dry, attach the board to the sub-floor with corrosion-resistant screws. Then, attach the shower base to the board with a shower wall adhesive.

7. Assembling and Attaching the Drain Fitting

As drain fittings can vary in design, it is important to follow manufacturer instructions when you install the one that you are having for your shower base. After everything is in place, you can now install the rest of the shower system, such as the head and wall boards.

When performing this project, always take all proper safety precautions, especially when using power tools. Congratulations! You are done with installing your neo angle shower.

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