How to Install a Saniflo Toilet

Maybe you’re adding a second bathroom to your house, or you just need to replace your old toilet. Whatever the reason is for needing another toilet, the process can be complicated. You need to connect the new fixture to the bathroom plumbing and the current main drain pipe. You might have to install complex plumbing systems and break floors and walls. Luckily, there is a French company that has come up with a toilet system that is inexpensive, innovative, and easier to install. It is the Saniflo toilet, a fashionable bathroom fixture that comes with an upflush system designed for installation convenience. It is becoming popular among homeowners and usually takes just half a day or less to set up. However, you need to make sure that you follow tips and steps used by professional toilet installers to ensure your plumbing and bathroom system will work properly.

Tips from Experts

  1. Use a ¾-inch PVC pipe. Saniflo units are designed for piping with smaller diameters.
  2. Instead of using a single 90-degree elbow for the right-angle turn ons on discharge piping, use 45-degree elbows.
  3. When tapping into the plumbing or sewer track main drain, make sure to use a Y-connection and not a tee.
  4. Remember that above-floor plumbing is almost the same as standard plumbing, but the technology varies. You must read and follow the Saniflo installation guide to ensure your toilet system works flawlessly.
  5. Make sure you have all the PVC piping and fasteners, connector pieces, primer, cleaner, and glue needed before you begin installation.
  6. If you plan to attach additional fixtures to your Saniflo toilet, make sure they are located on the same level as the unit and that the hot water for faucets and the bath are 104 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

Steps in Installing a Saniflo Toilet

  1. Choose an installation site. It should be within the maximum distance range of 150 feet away from the soil stack or no more than 12 feet below the sewer level.
  2. Cut into the material of the soil stack in order to install a Y-connector for the mecarator discharge pipe.
  3. See to it that there is a few inches of space behind the macerator pump from the outside wall for insulation. If you are going to conceal the pump, make sure there is a space of about 12 inches behind the pump’s framing and there is a removable wall panel for easy access to the macerator.
  4. Connect to a fresh cold water supply and make sure the line valve is 10 to 12 inches above the floor. There must be a 15-amp electrical circuit to operate the macerator pump, as well as a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).
  5. Unplug any sump pumps and make sure there is no running water.
  6. Prepare the macerator for installation. Connect the discharge elbow and secure it with a clamp.
  7. Set up the discharge piping. Make sure it is at least 12 inches above the floor and pitches at ¼ inches per foot towards the soil stack. Insulate any piping that can be susceptible to freezing.
  8. All fitting must be cleaned, primed, and glued.
  9. Connect the macerator unit to the vent system to expel sewer gas. The accordion connector should be attached to the rim of the vent hole.
  10. Attach a 1.5-inch PVC line to the accordion connector, and make sure the connection is tight.
  11. Cover the air vent and insert the breather opening cap.
  12. Properly seal the waste inlet opening using the removable blanking plug if you are not yet going to add other bathroom fixtures to your Saniflo unit.
  13. For concealed macerators, use the accordion connector to attach the pump to the Extender Pipe.
  14. Mark the location of the toilet by drilling holes in the floor and the mounting base. The unit should be in an area that is at least 3 feet wide, and there must be 1 to 1.5 inches distance between the top of the tank and the wall.
  15. Connect the macerator and the toilet. Secure the pump and toilet to the floor.
  16. Use the supplied nuts to attach the tank to the toilet.
  17. Tighten the fresh water supply line connection of the toilet, then turn on the water. There water level must be ½ inch below the overflow tube.
  18. Plug in the macerator pump.

Now your Saniflo toilet is ready!

If you feel more confident in letting an expert do the installation for you, then don’t hesitate to hire one. It is better to get assistance to make sure the job is properly done from step one.

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