How to Install a Sioux Chief Shower Drain

Learning how to install a Sioux Chief shower drain is surprisingly straightforward. Even if you don’t have a ton of experience with shower drain installation work, there’s a good chance that you can handle everything this particular DIY project can throw at you. However, if you have serious doubts as to whether or not you can tackle this project, remember that this is a project covered by most professional plumbers.

Nonetheless, if you decide to take on the job, there are a few things you will want to remember.

Installing A Sioux Chief Shower Drain

Keep in mind that these installation instructions are for the 825 Series Shower Drain:

• These drains are utilized alongside fiberglass shower bases or 1-piece shower products.
• Begin by separating the drain into your top (male threads/strainer) and bottoms (female heads/glue hub/washers) portions.
• After applying a bead of silicone to your underside of your top portion, place your drain hole into your shower base.
• Underneath your shower, establish your black rubber sealing washer, then friction washer, then your bottom portion over your male threads. After tightening, you should be ready for the next step. Remember that your friction washers are designed to protect your rubber from damages, while your bottom portion is threaded on/tightened up.
• At the top side of your shower, take away all excess silicone that has been squeezed out. Your fiberglass sandwich base is established between your top portion (male thread) and your bottom portion. The sealing washer, which can be found underside, along with silicone sealant that has been applied to between your shower floor and your top portion, will keep the drains watertight.
• Next, you’re going to work at solvent welding the drain pipe into your hub, in your bottom portion. This is something you are obviously going to want to do with the right solvent cement.
• You’re going to want to wait a minimum of twenty-four hours for your silicone to cure properly. After the cure period has passed, you will want to inspect your finished result for any potential leaks.

These are the steps involved with installing the 825 Series Shower Drain. Keep in mind that there are different examples of Sioux Chief shower drains on the market. To that end, if you find yourself working with anything other than the 825, you will want to make sure you have the appropriate instructions for installing the shower drain properly.

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