How to Install a Wall Hung Toilet

More and more people are opting to use wall hung toilets over the traditional floor models. In fact, these types of toilets are now mostly found in newly built and renovated homes where a more contemporary or modern design is being incorporated. While it sounds to be difficult at first, as it requires a different method of installation, setting up a wall hung toilet is actually doable as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Also, you might want to get the help of one or two persons, as such a unit is much fragile and heavier than traditional floor models. Here is how to install a wall hung toilet:

1. Prepare Your Wall.

Obviously, you need to perform some preparations to your wall before you will be able to mount the toilet, considering other installations, such as the waste water tube and the water supply line. Recheck the measurements and make sure that the wall is ready for the project to start. Typically, studs must protrude from the wall at least 2.125 inch to give you a frame that is strong enough to hold the toilet.

2. Install The Bowl To The Supports.

After making sure that the pipes are in the right place and that the supports are strong enough, you can then lift the bowl and affix it to the supports. Attach it through holes that are drilled into the support studs, with the provided cap nuts and washers. After securing it to the wall, affix the gasket to the waste tube and connect the bowl to the sewer pipe.

3. Set Up The Tank Onto The Toilet.

After the toilet is properly positioned, place the tank onto the bowl, with the option to either insert the tank into the wall or attach it to the outside of the wall, depending on the model you are having. No matter how you do it, connecting the tank to the bowl is generally a universal process. Place the rubber toilet gasket in position and the rubber gaskets between the bolts and screws. Jiggle the tank a little to ensure a strong fit and, finally, screw the tank onto the bowl for a secure installation.

4. Connect The Water Supply.

With the toilet in position, it is time to start working on its water supply. With the supply lines near the toilet, connect a flexible pipe to the water supply with the compression fittings and then connect it to the tank. Tighten the fittings and turn the water supply on. Check for leaks to ensure that you will not be having such problems after you complete the project.

5. Test The Toilet.

With the tank full of water, flush it several times to make sure that the toilet quickly drains waste and normally fills up. You can try sitting on the tank to see if it is securely fastened to the wall and does not move. Seal the back of the toilet with some caulking material to finish things up with a clean look.

There you have it. By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to successfully install a wall hung toilet in your home!

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