How to Install Overflow Drain on Bathtub

What used to be a job for the plumber is now something that the average homeowner can do themselves in a short period of time. Since overflow drains and piping come in plastic, they are easier to work with and you can manage the work without all of the expense of having a professional come to your home. Installing a tub overflow train is easy if you follow these steps.

Pick Out Your New Overflow Drain.

This is a personal decision, as overflow drains now come in a variety of colors and finishes. You may prefer to match it to the type of trim that you have around the drain in the tub or around your home. Finishes such as matching colors, brass, or chrome are all readily available for you to purchase and to install.

Buy Any Necessary Additional Materials.

It’s doubtful that you will have all of the other necessary materials laying around your home, but if you do, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you’ll need to make a quick trip to your local hardware or home improvement store to pick up the following items: Teflon pipe dope, p-trap, tailpipe, and extension pipe. You can find these easily in the plumbing section, and most major stores will carry them for a good price.

Check Access and Cut the Hole.

If necessary, you will need to cut a hole to be able to access your rub. You’ll want it to be big enough to work through, but not so large that repairs after the fact take a long time.

Remove Old Overflow Tub Drain.

Remove your old tub drain by either unclipping it or unscrewing it from the piping. You’ll need a screwdriver to be able to do this easily.

Install New Piping.

Your new piping that you have purchased will be installed now. Using Teflon tape will prevent any future leaks. Apply the Teflon paste to the overflow at the top and then tighten bolts and test the seal.

Fill Your Tub and Close the Hole.

You have to test your tub for leaks by filling it with water. Once you are sure that your work is watertight you can close up the hole either with spackle or a removable door to ensure access at a later time.

Congratulations! You successfully changed the overflow drain on your bathtub. Use WD-40 if you are unable to remove the drainpipe, and put up some fresh paint over your spackle, and you are done.

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