How to Install Toilet Shims

There are many ways to fix a toilet, depending on the type of repair needed. Although this can be considered a man’s job, ladies in the household can also try their luck in doing some quick fixes. Aside from saving a few bucks by not calling a plumber or handyman, it can also serve as a practical application for everyone to learn.

Fixing the toilet is not a laughing matter. In fact, it is a serious concern that should be addressed quickly. Without doing so, it can affect the members of the household, especially if only a single comfort room is available for everybody to use. So in order to avoid discomfort, it is important to know the basic when dealing with problematic toilets.

One uncommon occurrence faced by many is the wobbling or rocking toilets. You can just imagine sitting right there when you need it the most, but noticed your throne is a bit wobbly. Aside from learning that it is indeed rocking, it can cause a disaster when it overflows upon flushing.

Fixing Wobbly Toilets

One popular technique in handling wobbly toilets is by inserting shims. These materials will keep fixtures from wobbling on a level floor.

Installing Shims to Deal with Wobbly Toilet Bases

1. Check for wobbles first after setting the toilet properly. Don’t forget to loosen the nuts a bit. If you notice a slight movement from one side to another, try to slip some coins or steel washers right into the gaps of the toilet floor. Try to use stainless steel washers to avoid getting rusted and might stain the floor.

2. If you notice larger gaps in between the floor and the fixture, try to replace coins and washers with shims instead. You can use plastic shims to handle the problem effectively. Try not to use wooden shims as it will rot and cause the situation to recur.

3. Shims can be insert at the portion where you noticed the gaps. These will serve as fillings to eliminate the wobbliness of the fixture. You can then tighten the nuts and then cut off excess shims so that you may be able to seal around the base of the toilet just like a pro.

After doing this, you can now seal the base with some plumbing sealant to keep the fixture firmly installed on the floor. Try to wait for the right time after the sealant has completely dried before using the toilet to avoid any problem to arise. If possible, you can always allow a professional to check your installation if in case you will be doubtful of the results.

Practice makes perfect, so if you haven’t done it right the first time, you can redo the procedures as often as necessary. But if you think that it is not the wobbliness that is the issue but a leaking base, then that will be another problem to deal with another solution. Just make sure that you are certain of the condition of the toilet before deciding to handle the job by yourself.

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