How to Install Waterpik Shower Head

The great thing about a shower head from Waterpik is you can install it all by yourself. That’s right, you don’t need to help of someone to replace this bath fixture. How to do it is pretty simple too, here are the steps:

1. Take the current shower head off.

2. Clean the threads that are on the shower pipe. If needed, add more pipe tape.

3. Thread the new shower head onto the shower pipe. Keep in mind that installing a Waterpik shower head also involves knowing what kind of bath fixture you have. For one, there several kinds of shower heads available: hand-held, fixed mount, rainfall and dual head. Under all of these are several models, some of which have different ways of installation. As such, you have to refer to the instruction manual for installation steps. The manuals are accessible online and if you want a more visual guide, Waterpik has also provided video instruction to help you out.

Different Shower Head Types

Waterpik produces different shower head types, and each model has a different procedure for installation. On the company’s site, you will find a series of How to Install videos for the following:

  • Fixed Mount Shower Head with Separate Pivot Ball
  • Fixed Mount Shower Head with Standard Connection
  • Hand Held Shower Head with Separate Pivot Ball
  • Hand Held Shower Head with Standard Connection
  • Twin Turbo Hand Held

The Various Models

Waterpik has come up with various models depending on your preference and needs.

FlexNeck – According to Waterpik, this mode, “goes where you want it and stays where you put it.” Designed with a unique flexible arm, you can adjust the height and angle of the shower head to your desire and with ease as well.

EasySelect – This model is considered a design innovation for a better shower experience. The EasySelect selector is located on the handle, at the bottom of the face or the shower’ head’s arm and it allows you to switch between spray settings easily.

PowerSpray+ Twin Turbo – A single shower head offering a dual-shower experience. This model is equipped with massaging jets to give you an invigorating experience and also provides simultaneous shoulder-to-shoulder coverage.

EcoFlow – Hailed as the low-flow shower head, this model delivers a powerful shower while only using less water. With this, you can save money, save water and not sacrifice shower performance.

The manuals, on the other hand, are very specific. There’s a manual for every model of shower head Waterpik has produced. The models are organized by type. In the instruction manual page you will find various shower heads under hand-held, fixed mount, rainfall and dual head. Find the specific model that you have and download the manual for it (these documents are provided in PDF format).

Installing a Waterpik shower head only takes minutes and you won’t even break a sweat. Then again, we also understand if you are the cautious type and are fearful of breaking something. If so, you can always ask assistance from Amazon Home Services or Angie’s List. These are the two resources that Waterpik has recommended and you can go to them for help.

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