How to Raise Toilet Seat Height

The height of the toilet matters a lot to the person using it. This is crucial particularly when there are elderly family members or people with existing injury or surgery. Thus, it is very important to ensure that the toilet seat height will be suitable for them. One obvious solution is to increase the height of the toilet seat so that they will fit in comfortably.

There are many types of equipment that can be used to add some inches on the toilet seat. Some products can be installed for free when you purchase from a supplier. Here are some of the products that can help you resolve some issues involving toilet seat heights.

Products that Can Raise the Height of Toilet Seats

There are special cases when it is important to take care of people with disabilities, especially when using the bathroom. For this reason, it is essential to look into the situation and provide comfort if necessary.

1. Raised Toilet Seat

Using the raised toilet seat can be an option as it can add some two to six inches of height to the seat. Most of the products can be clamped on to the rim of the bowl, while the original toilet seat will be kept in place. While other models will be used to replace the original.

2. Toilet Frame with Seat

Another product that can address this issue is the toilet frame that goes with a seat. This product comes with a toilet surround rail along with the seat. This can raise the toilet’s height as well as offer a hand-hold on both sides of the toilet bowl.

3. Raised Toilet Seat with Arm Rest

The good thing with this type of product is that it the arm rest can be detached or folded up when not in use. For those who require assistance for the elderly or injured family member, these seats come with arm rests that should be able to give support when sitting on the toilet bowl.

4. The Toilet Plinth

For those who want to increase the height of the toilet for good, a toilet plinth is proven useful. This can be installed between the pedestal of the toilet and the floor. This is very suitable particularly when the person needs to move sideways or backwards when using the toilet. This will also be effective in supporting people who tend to put their weight down heavily.

Take note that this options will only work depending on the person who is going to use it on a daily basis. If it will require occasional uses, then the removable fittings can only be used as an option. The seats will depend on the type of toilet seat. So it is important to purchase additional fittings only from the supplier of the toilet if necessary. Children might not be able to enjoy this type of fitting as they can hardly reach the normal toilet seat height. If you have more than one toilet in the house, it is necessary to accommodate children separately.

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