How to Remove a Moen Shower Valve

A shower valve is important to control the hot and cold water in the shower and ensure that the supply of hot and cold is constant and balanced. Due to its significance, it is important for the shower valve to be working properly. If you faced with the task of removing and replacing your Moen shower valve, here is a how-to guide to removing your Moen shower valve to give way for the new valve.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Old Cloth, Newspaper, Paper Towel
  • Soldering Cutter or Hacksaw
  • Nose Pliers

Step 1:

Go to the main water supply and shut off the water valve. Next, turn on the shower to release the pressure and to ensure that no water is coming out of the shower head.

Step 2:

Get a cloth or old newspaper to cover the drain of the tub to prevent small parts from falling into the drain pipe. Next, remove the cover of the shower handle and unscrew the handle. Use a Philips screw or Allen wrench, depending on what screw needs to be removed.

Step 3:

Next, remove the round metal plate or trim by using a flathead screwdriver after removing the screws that hold the trim in place and pry it away from the wall. If there is some caulking in the trim plate, remove it carefully with a utility knife or scraper. Wipe off the debris with a cloth to clean it.

Step 4:

If you are to install a new shower valve, you need to cut a hole that is big enough to insert the valve. There are two choices to consider. One is to widen the small opening to make it bigger. The other option is to cut the wall behind the valve. Ensure that the hole you create is small enough to be covered by the metal plate or round trim that you need to replace. The method and tools you will use in creating a larger opening will depend on the bathroom tiles or wall you have in your bathroom. If you have fiberglass, it will be an easier task since you can use pliers to break the part surrounding the valve.

Step 5:

Check on how you will remove the old valve to replace it with a new one. If there are threaded connections and soldered parts like couplings, you will have to solder the parts to cut and remove them from connectors. You can also use a hacksaw instead of a soldering cutter.

Step 6:

Remember that when you cut the old valve, it is important to retain the right length of copper where you will connect the new Moen shower valve. It will help to ensure that there is a room for movement for the pipes when you cut it so there will also be ample room to install the new Moen shower valve.

Step 7:

Now that you have removed the old Moen shower valve, you can now install the replacement Moen shower valve.

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