Jayco Hot Water Heater Problems

Water heater repairs can be an expensive and tiring process that may require the intervention of a professional. Some of these problems discussed below can be prevented if great care is taken when using Jayco water heaters.

Weak Thermocouple or Gas Control Magnet

If the thermocouple or the gas control magnet become weak and stop functioning normally, it is advisable to replace them. In case of a poor or malfunctioning pilot flame, it is advisable to replace and clean the orifice. Sometimes the U tube gets blocked, and for the heaters to continue functioning, the obstruction should be removed. In case of an incorrect reading on the gas pressure or an improper air adjustment, it is recommendable to adjust it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

When There Is No Sparks on Electrodes

It is advisable to secure electrodes to the main burner and wire connection on the circuit if they are loosely attached. This should be followed by repositioning the electrode to ensure a proper gap. Dirty electrodes need to be cleaned whereas the electrodes should be replaced if the insulation is cracked or the wires inside become loose. If the circuit board is defective, replace it.

Failure of the Gas Burner to Ignite

When the gas valve refuses to open gas, or there is no voltage for electric spark, it should be checked and replaced where necessary. If you have a blocked burner orifice it is advisable to clean or replace it. The failure of the gas burner to ignite could be as a result of obstruction on the U tube and should be unblocked. If the gas control is out of calibration it is wise to replace it. For the burner to work efficiently, it is recommended to align flame spreader in case it is not aligned well.

When There Is Insufficient Hot Water.

It is advisable to remove any obstructions from the blocked burner and the U tube. If the selector is not in place reset it to the desired temperature. The thermostat should be placed against the tank and if it becomes defective must be replaced. It is wise to always fix the flame spreader and the bypass lever if they are inappropriately positioned or not aligned properly.

If you experience water dripping from the temperature and pressure and relief valve it is due to the water heating in RV vehicles running in the closed system and when the water expansion takes place, the extra pressure has to go somewhere which is in the valve.

If the dripping recurs, turn off the RV water heater and the cold water supply, open the tap and let the water out via the pressure relief valve until it stops then release the valve handle. The tap in the RV should be closed and the cold water supply turned on. When the cold water continues to fill the tank, the air pocket develops. The procedure should be repeated as needed.

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