Kenmore Elite HE Washer Troubleshooting

The Kenmore Elite HE washing machine is a high rated washing machine by many different people. It could be said that this machine definitely lives up to the word “Elite”. Like every machine, however, it has the potential to break every now and again. Although these errors may only be minor, sometimes they may be major. It can be difficult to identify what is wrong specifically when it comes to any type of washing machine. Thankfully because of constant cases of trial and error throughout history, it is relativity easy to find out what’s wrong with the machine and to troubleshoot effectively. This article will explore what troubleshooting can do for your Kenmore Elite HE washing machine.

Leaking Water

If there is leaking water, then the problem may or may not be an easy fix, it simply depends on where the water is leaking. The first thing that you need to do if you see leaking water is make sure you check every single hose and pipe that is connected to the machine. If all of those seem alright than you need to check for clogs and insecure fittings. Leaking water can be extremely annoying because it makes the entire surrounding area of the washing machine flood, which you will have to clean up every time if the source of the leak isn’t identified.

Check the Start Up

One of the first things that you should do when troubleshooting your washing machine is see if it actually starts up. There is no point in testing anything else if the actual machine won’t power up and start doing what it was designed to do. If the machine doesn’t start up at all then the problem is most likely internal which you means you need external help from an electrician or someone who is certified to actually check out things inside of a washing machine. Don’t try to fix anything because you are too stubborn to seek out other help. Before you contact anyone, make sure that you check all the power cords as well as all of the power sources, because you don’t want anyone coming over just to tell you that you had the power switched off.

Check the Clothes

Check if there is any damaged clothing or anything along those lines. You need to make sure that there is no human error when testing this specific run cycle. Make sure that you put enough washing detergent and warm water so that stains are removed. Make sure that there aren’t any sharp or loose items in the washing machine with the clothes. You don’t want any hazards inside the washing machine that may ruin damage the clothes. You will be looking for general damage to your clothes, if you can’t find any then your washing machine is washing the clothes properly without any problems. Also, make sure that you load the clothes properly and don’t just chuck them in all at once. If you don’t do this and the clothes are all tangled then it is likely that there will be improper cleaning which means that your clothes aren’t being washed at optimal quality.

Unusual Sounds

Check for sounds that don’t sound they are supposed to be happening. Any sudden and unusual vibrations or sounds are very worrying because they may mean that there are internal problems with the washing machine. Other problems may be that there is an uneven floor surface. Washing machines like stability, so you need to make sure that your washing machine is on a flat and stable surface. There may also be an uneven load. Try to make sure that there is nothing external that would make the washing machine make strange vibrations and sounds.

Door Won’t Open or Lock

This problem can be detrimental simply because if you can’t close or lock the door then the water is just going to escape the washing machine and the entire process won’t work at all. The reason that this happens is likely because one of the components of the door lock assembly is playing up. It could also be wiring and internal problems but this is much less likely. It is better to get a professional to fix the door lock assembly, simply because if you try and fail you could do further damage to the entire washing machine, which would just add more stress to an already stressful situation.

Your washing machine should always drain the water after the washing cycle is finished. If this doesn’t happen then it means that the spinning cycle can’t take place and your clothes become way too wet and heavy. It is just a hassle. Check for a clog in the drain hose, this is likely what the problem is because it’s not allowing water to escape from the washing machine. If this isn’t the problem then it may be that that the drain pump has failed.

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