Kitchen Faucet Leaking Under Sink and How to Fix It

Homeownership means everything from the freedom of not having to pay rent to the responsibility to fix your own home repair issues. Having a leaking kitchen faucet is something many of us may have to do at some point in our lives. While some scenarios may require a plumber, you may be able to fix this problem on your own.

Check Your Faucet

Before repairing anything, you’ll need to identify where and when your sink is leaking. Turn it on and see when the water comes out. If you find that your faucet is what is leaking in your sink, you will need to replace it. Contact the faucet manufacturer to find exact instructions on how to remove and repair the faucet in your sink. All faucets are different and this is really the only way to go about fixing yours.

Fixing Underneath the Sink

If the water is leaking continuously out from underneath the sink, chances are it is a pressurized water hose leak. These kinds of leaks are quite common and usually, occur when the valves get old and rusty.

Most of these leaks can be solved with the simple tightening of compression fittings around the shutoff valves. Grab a wrench to tighten the valve and use your hands to tighten the compression nut. While this tightening should fix your problem 90% of the time, sometimes your sink will leak directly underneath the tap itself. In order to reach these valves and tighten them up, get some adjustable pliers and get to work.

Check the Drainage Pipe

If you notice leaking only when the sink is full of water, your problem is most likely with the drain itself. You will need to shut off all the water and take apart the drainage pipe, remove it clean it and replace it ensuring that everything connected to it is sealed tightly. Use some plumbing putty to pack around the connections and valves to prevent any water from leaking through. If this does not work, you may even need to get a new drain seal to stop the leaking in the sink.

After you attempt to fix any plumbing problem, you should always try to see if the leak returns. The last thing you want to see is all your time and effort go to waste as you discover your sink is leaking once more.

If you still find that you have a leaking problem after trying to fix your leaking sink, you will need to contact a professional. A plumber may just be the answer to your faucet fixing problems.

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